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Faculty Profile Research Areas Primary Lab
Michelle Arbeitman, Ph.D. Sex differences in development and behavior  Arbeitman Lab
Pradeep Bhide, Ph.D. Developmental neuroscience, childhood onset movement disorders and cognitive disabilities of children and youth  
Ewa Bienkiewicz, Ph.D. Protein misfolding disease Bienkiewicz Lab
Stephen Chelko, Ph.D. Cardiac genetic disorders and Sudden Cardiac Death Chelko Lab
Terence Crofts, Ph.D.  Emerging contaminant-microbiome interactions including (1) antimicrobial and pharmaceutical modification, (2) antibiotic catabolism, and (3) functional metagenomics methods development in support of (1) and (2).  

Judy Delp, Ph.D.

Cardiovascular adaptations to aging and exercise training, especially adaptations of the microcirculation in the heart and skeletal muscle that occur with aging Delp Lab
Jose Diaz, Ph.D.     
Akash Gunjan, Ph.D. Role of histones in genome stability and cancer Gunjan Lab
Jerome Irianto, Ph.D. Cancer mechanobiology and genomics Irianto Lab
Mohamed Kabbaj, Ph.D. Epigenetics of social behaviors and neurobiology of sex differences in anxiety and depression Kabbaj Lab
Sanjay Kumar, Ph.D. Synaptic physiology underlying cortical function and epilepsy Kumar Lab
Eric Laywell, Ph.D. Thymidine analogs as cancer therapeutics; neurogenesis and stem cell biology; cellular neurobiology  
Choogon Lee, Ph.D. Molecular basis for circadian rhythms Lee Lab
Cathy Levenson, Ph.D. Stem cells in Traumatic Brain Injury; reducing damage and improving outcomes  
Tim Megraw, Ph.D. Biology of centrosomes, centrioles and cilia impact In disease Megraw Lab
Jarrod Mousa, Ph.D. Antibody responses, both structurally and functionally, to natural infection and vaccination to develop new antibody therapeutics and epitope-focused vaccines  
Richard S. Nowakowski, Ph.D. Cell cycle and neurogenesis in the developing adult nervous system; genetics of individual variation in the brain of mouse and man  
Gary Ostrander, Ph.D.    
Jose Pinto, Ph.D. The regulation of cardiac and skeletal muscle contraction in normal and pathological conditions Pinto Lab
Yi Ren, Ph.D.  Macrophage function in cancer and CNS diseases  Ren Lab

Gregg Stanwood, Ph.D.

Neurodevelopment; Biomarkers and Biomonitioring of Chemical and Non-Chemical Stressors Stanwood Lab
Branko Stefanovic, Ph.D. Molecular mechanisms of liver fibrosis  
Zucai Suo, Ph.D. Biochemistry and biophysics of DNA replication, DNA repair, DNA lesion bypass, gene editing, and proteasomes; Exosomes, drug delivery, and drug discovery. Suo Lab
Robert J. Tomko Jr., Ph.D. Regulation of proteolysis in health, cancer, and infectious disease; multidisciplinary analyses of the ubiquitin-proteasome system  Tomko Lab
Yue Julia Wang, Ph.D. Single-cell transcriptomic profiling of pancreatic endocrine cells in normal, diabetes, and other metabolic disorders J Wang Lab
Yanchang Wang, Ph.D. Chromosome segregation regulation and the response to the expression of misfolded protein Wang Lab
Yuan Wang, Ph.D.  Brain Development and Neurological Disorders  Y. Wang Lab
Yi Zhou, Ph.D. Molecular, biochemical and electrophysiological analysis of neuronal ion channel function