The Office of Faculty Development provides a variety of educational offerings designed to support the development of our faculty throughout their careers. Our mission is to enhance individual career development across the continuum of our diverse academic medical community.


The goals of the Office of Faculty Development are:

  • Enrich professional career development through programs and initiatives that:
    • Promote faculty professional and career goals
    • Support academic growth, innovation, and scholarship through activities that enhance and reward faculty advancement, and
    • Champion personal and professional wellbeing and satisfaction with career and work-life balance.
  • Cultivate faculty development opportunities across all mission areas
  • Enhance mentorship for faculty throughout our academic medical community

We adopt the following domains with the ultimate goal of optimizing education and development at all career levels and is designed to foster maximum faculty potential.



The Office of Faculty Development is committed to providing educational content in the following areas:


What is the difference between Faculty Development and Continuing Medical Education (CME)?

Faculty Development activities are specifically created to improve comfort and competence in skills relevant to teaching and learning, leadership and management, and research responsibilities. 

Continuing Medical Education (CME) are activities specifically designed to help maintain medical competence and to keep physicians up to date on the latest developments in the medical field.



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