Honors Medical Scholars Program

The Honors Medical Scholars Program at Florida State University

You have options.
Get started on your career in medicine and while you're at it pick any B.S. degree program. Enjoy the opportunity to build early relationships in the College of Medicine. Through the FSU Honors Medical Scholars Program and upon completion of premed requirements, students can become eligible to apply to the FSU College of Medicine through the Early Decision Process.  
Meet our Faculty and Staff

As an undergraduate student:
Honors Medical Scholars benefit from participation in an individualized advising and mentorship program with College of Medicine faculty, medical and community volunteer activities, and the Honors Medical Scholars Society and other student organizations. 

Mission Statement:
The Honors Medical Scholars program recruits students interested in medicine who demonstrate a high level of academic ability, a heart for service, and a sincere concern for vulnerable populations through volunteering. The program develops resilient and adaptable scholars, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and compassion to become medical students who reflect the values and mission of the College with goals of becoming personally fulfilled interdependent, socially responsible individuals. 

Admission to HMS is currently limited to First Time in College Applicants to FSU who apply and are accepted to the FSU Honors Programs.  
Please review our Admissions Requirements for details.