Department of Geriatrics

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  • How do people change before and during dementia?

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  • Dr. Casey Rust receives prestigious Geriatrics Academic Career Award (GACA)

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Health FairWhat is 'geriatrics': the medical specialty dedicated to helping older adults do what they wish to do for as long as they wish to do so.

Mission: Our mission is to prepare physicians, providers, and care givers, across all disciplines, to care for older adults by offering innovative teaching, developing new knowledge, and providing exemplary clinical care to older adults in Florida and beyond.





Vision: Our vision is every older adult in Florida enjoys an outstanding quality of life - and receives the highest quality of care by geriatricians and other providers who are influenced by the comprehensive education, advocacy, and innovative research that we provide.



Values: We are dedicated to providing clinically relevant and learner-centered education to medial students, healthcare providers, and the community at large. Through innovative, collaborative, and evidence-based teaching, research and service, we are devoted to enhancing the quality of life of older adults and their families by providing compassionate, high-quality, and person-centered care. We promote professional and personal research and integrity in a positive and dynamic working environment.

"When I applied to the FSU College of Medicine, I was really interested in geriatrics...Once our training began, I was excited to see a rotation in our fourth year dedicated to caring for geriatric patients. That training was also skillfully integrated into our doctoring courses throughout medical school. I am blessed to be able to use those skills daily in my current job as a hospitalist. On average, 75% of my patient load is 65 years of age and older. Hats off to the FSU College of Medicine for making geriatrics a priority in medical education!"

-Lorna Stewart, MD 2005, hospitalist, Orlando Health