Human Subjects Research & Resources

Human subjects research at the FSU College of Medicine seeks to expand knowledge that will improve health and well-being. A wide variety of health conditions and topics are explored through the work of faculty, clinicians, fellows, residents and students who provide multidisciplinary expertise from the fields of medicine, public health, nursing, psychology, anthropology, law, philosophy, biostatistics , history and social work. Medical and health topics under investigation at the College of Medicine are broad and diverse, including research projects on health conditions and diseases, social and cultural aspects of health, health services, health policy, health law, medical ethics and medical education.

Research at CoM reflects the College’s mission to respond to community needs and provide services to underserved and diverse populations. Research in rural areas and with populations diverse in age, race, ethnicity and socioeconomic status supports the College’s mission to serve elder, rural, minority and other underserved population. This includes research focusing on infants, children, adolescents, adults and the elderly, as well as projects with Hispanic, African American, Black Caribbean, and Asian populations.

Research Networks and Partnerships

Human subjects research at the College of Medicine includes collaborative efforts that bring together a variety of research partners and stakeholders. The FSU CoM Network for Clinical Research and Training is a statewide research network of faculty, community-based healthcare professionals and researchers that supports researchers and provides clinical, translational and behavioral research opportunities in real-world, community-based settings. The OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium, a collaboration of academic and healthcare partners includes three Florida universities - FSU, the University of Florida and the University of Miami - and health systems across the state. OneFlorida aims to improve health across the Florida through community-based clinical research projects.

Support and Resources

The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) provides internal review of human subjects research and a supportive structure throughout the College of Medicine to promote excellence in research. The OneFlorida Data Trust, funded by the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute, is one of thirteen national clinical data research networks that contribute patient data to a national database called the National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network, or PCORnet. The Data trust provides researchers access to 10 million Floridian patient records to assess project feasibility or conduct secondary data analysis.