Flow Cytometry Laboratory

flow1Flow Cytometry is a process in which measurements of physical and/or chemical characteristics of cells or particles are made while the cells pass single file through the measuring apparatus in a fluid stream. The FACSCanto is a four laser 10-color instrument. Lasers included are 488 and 630HENE. The FACS SORP is a four laser 10-color bench top instrument. Lasers included are 407, 488, 561 and 640. The instrument has a 70, 85, 100 and a 130 um nozzle for sorting and or analysis.

Lab Scheduler


Flow Cytometry Internal Users (FSU) External Users
Canto Assisted Equipment Use and Analysis: $120/hour $156/hour
Canto Non-Assisted Equipment Use and Analysis: $90/hour or
$117/hour or $225.96/day
Aria Sorting: $120/hour $156/hour
Cancellation Fee without 24 hr notice: $90