• Family Medicine

    GRADUATE MEDICAL EDUCATION Family Medicine in Fort Myers

  • Dermatology

    GRADUATE MEDICAL EDUCATION Dermatology in Tallahassee

  • Internal Medicine at TMH

    GRADUATE MEDICAL EDUCATION Internal Medicine in Tallahassee

  • Surgery

    GRADUATE MEDICAL EDUCATION General Surgery in Tallahassee

  • Dermatology Fellowship

    GRADUATE MEDICAL EDUCATION Micrographic Surgery and Dermatologic Oncology Fellowship

Division of Graduate Medical Education


The Florida State University College of Medicine Division of Graduate Medical Education will foster programs that provide optimal clinical learning environments to develop exemplary physicians who independently practice culturally sensitive, patient-centered health care; commit to life-long learning and wellbeing; and lead their specialties and communities, especially through compassionate service to vulnerable populations.

Graduate Medical Education consists of the following FSU College of Medicine Sponsored Programs:

Residency Programs:

Fellowship Programs:

2020-21 Institutional Policies & Procedures - Sections I - II
FSU College of Medicine & GME and Eligibility / Appointment / Promotion / Transfer
2020-21 Institutional Policies & Procedures - Sections III - IV
Equal Opportunity / Harrassment / Correction Actions and Professional / Personal Conduct
2020-21 Institutional Policies & Procedures - Section V
Evaluations / Committees
2020-21 Institutional Policies & Procedures - Sections VI - VIII
Program and Institutional Policies, Risk Management and Disaster and Additional Policies