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The FSU-COM Center for Medicine and Public Health is dedicated to bridging the historic divide between the fields of medicine and public health, while improving the shared understanding of the unified nature of “health,” and the continuum of prevention (from primary prevention to secondary and tertiary prevention). Both medicine and public health embrace a shared value of preventing and alleviating human suffering. This vision will be achieved through promoting the intersection of medicine and public health at all levels of practice (federal, state, and local), via research, education, policy change, and service.
In summary, the Center for Medicine and Public Health seeks to actively promote the integration of medicine and public health, to achieve more optimal and equitable health outcomes for all at the levels of the individual (patients and free-range humans), the community, and the entire population. Read more

Rust interviewing Dr. SatcherDr. David Satcher (16th US Surgeon General, former CDC Director, & founding Director of the Satcher Health Leadership Institute at Morehouse School of Medicine) speaks of the importance of medicine in public health in this video clip of an interview conducted before his March 2016 FSU-COM Grand Rounds presentation on the topic, "The Journey From Health Disparities to Health Equity". See more of his interview with Dr. George Rust and Dr. Joedrecka Brown-Speights on the connections between health equity, community health, social determinants, medicine, and public health . . .

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