Program and Policy Evaluations

Faculty affiliated with the Center for Medicine and Public Health Policy & Practice have extensive experience conducting program and policy evaluations and needs assessments at the state and local level. Evaluations can assess implementation, operations, and client outcomes using both quantitative and qualitative analyses. These evaluation activities include analysis and reporting on secondary data sources (e.g., claims, administrative), as well as design, administration, analysis and reporting of primary data in the form of surveys, interviews, and focus groups. Examples of evaluations that have been or are currently being conducted by Center faculty include:

  • Evaluation of Florida’s Violent Death Reporting System
  • Evaluation of Florida Medicaid’s Managed Medical Assistance (MMA) program
  • Evaluation of Florida Medicaid’s Family Planning Waiver Program
  • Evaluation of the Centers for Disease Control’s Overdose Data to Action (OD2A) program at the state and county level in Florida
  • Evaluation of a Community Health Worker program in Collier County, FL
  • Evaluation of state-level home health care policies and programs (Indiana, Delaware, Rhode Island, Missouri, DC)

Entities interested in consulting or contracting with faculty from the Center for Medicine and Public Health Policy & Practice regarding program or policy evaluations should contact Dr. Jeffrey Harman ( or Dr. Samantha Goldfarb (