The pursuit of a career in medicine is a rewarding, yet rigorous endeavor. Over the course of your training and career, you will be challenged to stay abreast of developments in the field, to provide patient-centered care for your many patients, and to meet the demands in your own personal life. The life of medical professional is a privilege and an honor but juggling these many responsibilities can sometimes be all-consuming and may lead you to sacrifice your own well-being to meet the demands of those in your care.  

In addition to the scientific and clinical skills you gain as a helping professional it is imperative that you also intentionally develop skills to maintain a work-life balance. It is only after we take care of ourselves that we are in a reasonable place to care for others. 

As students, educators, and clinicians, our aim is to teach our patients and students how to preserve their health and wellness.  It is our goal for you that during your time at FSU College of Medicine that you will intentionally develop the skills and habits related overall wellness.  Students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to take time each day to develop and practice these skills. 

It is our hope that the resources found here will be useful as you pursue your own journey to health and wellness.