We aim to explore principle mechanisms that guide the development of a healthy brain, by determining how brain circuits assemble for their specialized function and by identifying which steps along this process, when disrupted, lead to severe neurological disorders. Currently, we focus on 3 disease conditions: fragile X syndrome (FXS; a leading single-gene cause of autism and intellectual disability), fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD; a severe neurodevelopmental disorder), and hearing loss (the most common birth defect among newborns and a common problem for older adults). We develop animal models and use them to identify underlying pathological mechanisms that are unique or common across these diseases. 

Lab News

2022 July Check out our new publication in the JoVE (see Publication)! This is in collaboration with Dr. Xiaoyu Wang (Jinan Univ.). Enjoy the amazing images taken from genetically manipulated neurons.

2022 May  We published a review article in Cells titled: Novel animal models for understanding FMRP function and FXS pathology. (see Publication)

2022 May  We received an MDS grant from FSU the Council on Research & Creativity to develop a mouse model of prenatal alcohol exposure to study Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, in collaboration with Dr. Jennifer Steiner (College of Health and Human Sciences).

2022 April  Fun at the lab picnic.