Statement of Commitment to Graduate Medical Education

Educating the Next Generation of Physicians

The Florida State University (FSU) College of Medicine is committed to Graduate Medical Education (GME) as central to its mission to maintain a scholarly environment that is dedicated to excellence in education, patient care and research. The College of Medicine seeks to educate the next generation of physicians and will ensure the financial support of the infrastructure to do so. We will provide educational and human resources in order to achieve compliance with the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Institutional, Common and Individual Program Requirements. We are committed to having an organized administration system, including a Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) and Designated Institutional Official (DIO), which complies with the ACGME Institutional Requirements. We further commit ourselves to ongoing monitoring of the quality of the GME programs, the performance of their residents, and the use of outcome assessment results for program improvement.

The FSU College of Medicine provides an environment of organized GME programs in which residents develop personal, ethical, clinical and professional competence under careful guidance and supervision. The GME program is designed to enable residents and fellows to develop the knowledge, skills and values that can serve as the basis for competent and compassionate clinical practice, scholarly research and public service. The GME programs are organized around a framework of competency based education and assessment, using the ACGME core competencies. Program directors and faculty will monitor the progress of resident physicians providing graduated responsibility consistent with each trainee’s demonstrated clinical experience and performance based upon program specific milestones. Programs will assure the safe and appropriate care of patients. Faculty will commit to ongoing professional development in their own medical specialties, as well as in their teaching and evaluation skills.

Residents and fellows are encouraged to develop a process for self-evaluation and critical reflection to sustain a lifetime of responsible and committed practice of medicine. The educational program prepares residents to continue their own education and to teach their patients, colleagues and medical trainees throughout their careers. We are committed to ensuring that our graduates understand the scientific foundation of medicine, apply that knowledge to clinical practice, and extend that knowledge through scholarly activities. In addition, we provide the experience necessary for residents to become life-long learners who consistently evaluate, monitor, and improve their own practice patterns and enhance the quality of care and improve patient safety in the institutions in which they serve. The FSU College of Medicine encourages its trainees, faculty, and graduates to participate in providing care to the underserved and rural communities and to improve access to care, while decreasing disparities in health care delivery.

This statement is supported by the governing authority, the Florida State University Board of Trustees, the Dean of the College of Medicine, GME Administration, Program Administration, and the teaching faculty.