Global Health - Fort Myers

Global HealthWe are a one year fellowship committed to training physicians in global health. Our fellows spend 40-50% of their time overseas at mission hospitals and international Family Medicine residencies in alternating three month cycles. Time spent stateside is in Fort Myers, Florida where fellows work as junior faculty with much flexibility of schedule and time protected for learning.

In October 2019 the Global Health Security Index (GHSI) was published. It represents the efforts of an international advisory panel of 21 experts from 13 countries to create a framework to assess every country ’s capability to prevent/mitigate epidemics and pandemics like COVID. The index looks at each country through 34 indicators that measure Prevention, Detection and Reporting, Rapid Response, Health Systems, Compliance with International Norms, and the Risk Environment. Using the GHSI, we will look at seven countries, evaluating their varied approaches to the COVID 19 pandemic and outcomes.  See FULL Poster

By Alice Shallcross DO, and Bradley Green MD