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The College of Medicine Personnel Services Department is responsible for recruiting, employee data management, compensation, employee relations, staffing, training and reporting.



New Employee Tasks


Welcome to Florida State University, College of Medicine!

FSU College of Medicine is a great place to work and we encourage you to take advantage of all the resources available to you as an employee. This page is designed to help your transition to our campus and provide you with the necessary steps you must complete as a new employee.

To get started, please select the appropriate link based on your job classification (Faculty, Staff or OPS).  Each link will take you to a task list that will contain important information that may be needed to complete your onboarding with FSU, College of Medicine. 

Faculty Staff OPS

Employee Resources

Onboarding Requirements

     Supplemental Documents FSU requires supplemental documents for all new hires

  1. Notarized Loyalty Oath
  2. Foreign Government Talent Recruitment Program Form
  3. Non US Documents
  4. CoM Receipt of Distribution of Property
  5. CoM Acceptable Use of IT Resources
  6. Copy of your Diploma or Official Transcripts
  7. Non US-Citizen Documents 
  8. A copy of your signed Social Security Card 
  9. A state issued Photo ID 
  10. Offer Letter (This will be sent to you upon completion of your Smart Onboarding which may include a background check)  
  11. Contract   (This will be sent to you upon completion of your Smart Onboarding which may include a background check)
  12. Schedule an appointment with me to complete your I9. This is required BEFORE your first day of employment, but needs to be done well in advance.  List of Acceptable documents

     How to turn in these documents Here are the different ways that you can turn these documents in

  1. Drop Box Instructions
  2. Email to DL-MEDASAP@fsu.edu
  3. Fax to 850/644-8924
  4. Schedule an appointment with my office to drop these documents off and complete your I9