Financial Reporting & Budgeting Staff Contacts

Accounting Services
Contact Title Duties

Diana Paquette
Office: 1120-L

Program Director

  • Responsible for managing overall COM budget
  • Legislative and Accreditation Financial Reports
  • Serves as Budget Manager for COM

Chase Allbaugh
Office: 1120-N

Budget Analyst

  • Responsible for E&G budget transfers
  • Monitors E&G balances
  • Assists with E&G Budgets for departments
  • Responds to department requests for financial information

Amy McKenzie
Office: 1120-C

Budget Analyst

  • Responsible for Auxiliary and Foundation budget transfers
  • Manages Auxiliary, Fees, and Startup available balances
  • Assists with creating operating budgets for auxiliaries and student fees (Material & Supply, Technology)
  • Responds to department requests for financial information
Accounting Specialist
  • Manages permissions for F&A document access
  • Manages OnCall reports for accuracy
  • Requests COM Chartfields
  • Maintains Department ID profiles to include authorized signers and approvers
  • Provides training for OnCall users
  • Performs monthly expenditure audits
Jenny Beesley OPS
  • Special Projects and
  • OnCall Maintenance