Through the generosity of The Florida State University, College of Medicine and donors, we are able to offer the following scholarships related to medical education:

FSU College of Medicine Foundation Scholarships - Awards are based on need and specific eligibility criteria.    

Regional Campus Scholarships -  Awards are based on good academic standing, meritorious academic, service or clinical performance, financial need and an interest in returning to the community to practice at the conclusion of residency training.

Application and Scholarships listing are available online via FS4U

The award of scholarship money from The Florida State University College of Medicine may reduce other awards and loans or the direct receipt of the money to the student. 


FSU Exercise Science Physicians', College of Medicine Scholarship - The College of Health & Human Sciences houses a scholarship opportunity for current College of Medicine students who graduated with a degree in Exercise Science from the FSU Department of Nutrition & Integrative Physiology (previously known as the Department of Nutrition, Food, and Exercise Sciences). Interested students should complete the required information in the FS4U scholarship system. This includes a short essay and two letters of recommendation. This is a $1,000 scholarship. Students can contact Corbin deNagy at if you have any questions.

Southern Scholarship Foundation

Would you like to:

  • pay only $950 per semester for housing with perks?
  • live right across the street from the Medical School?
  • save up to $6,000.00 a year off the cost of attending FSU College of Medicine?
  • eliminate parking headaches?

For additional information please visit

Outside Scholarships

Military Scholarships

Health Professions Scholarships - Army, Navy, and Air Force

  • Scholarship covers complete tuition, books and stipend up to $2,615 per month
  • Two, three and four year programs available
  • Should apply at the same time as medical school
  • One year payback in armed forces for each year in program

For additional information, please contact an armed forced representative:

  •  Army:    Cpt. Xavier Jones
                    Deputy Director, Florida Army Healthcare Talent Acquisition Team
                    (352) 376-0408

  •   Navy:    HMC Daniel Paez
                    US Navy Healthcare Recruiter 

  • Air Force: Sgt. Curtis J. Joiner
                      US Air Force Healthcare Recruiter

National Health Service Corps Scholarship (NHSC)

  • Scholarship covers tuition, required fees and other education costs
  • Provides monthly living stipend 
  • Apply before first year of medical school or after completion of one or more year of school.
  • One year service commitment for each year in program (minimum of 2 years) 
  • Visit 

Legacy of Care Scholarship

  • The Naples Lions Club Foundation will provide funds for tuition, room and board, books, fees, and living expenses for the candidate while in medical school.
  • Recipient will practice for at least 4 years at a location in the world where people are markedly under-served in obtaining medical services.
  • Legacy of Care Brochure


Scholarships Available From Other Sources