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Tuition Payment Questions

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Financial Aid Questions

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Financial Holds and Consequences for Non-Payment

Tuition Payment Questions

When is Tuition Due?
The tuition payment deadline is the second week of each semester as posted. You may view Disbursement/Tuition Dates  to see the deadline for upcoming semesters. Classes added after the drop/add period must be paid within five calendar days to avoid late fees.

How much is my tuition?

 If you have questions or concerns regarding your assessment, please contact the College of Medicine Financial Aid Manager.

I have Financial Aid but I owe tuition, do I need a deferment?
Most students do not need deferments because financial aid is processed at the end of the drop/add week; this is before fees are due. If for some reason your aid has not paid your tuition, the Office of Financial Aid will attempt to put an automatic financial aid deferment on your account. Either way, students are recommended to check their status on their account statement  during the second week of class. If the tuition has not paid and there is no automatic financial aid deferment on the system and you applied for financial aid before the beginning of the semester, you may be eligible to apply for a deferment at the Office of Financial Aid during the second week of class. Regardless of circumstances, tuition must be paid or deferred by the tuition payment deadline or else you may receive late fees and be dropped from class. 

How can I pay for my tuition?

Transact allows students, faculty, staff, and guests to pay for charges on their accounts in the MyFSU Student Central system. Customers who can login to FSU's systems through will be able to pay through the Authenticated User process and customers who cannot login but who have a nine-digit Guest or Customer ID number will be able to pay through

Transact accepts most major credit cards, ACH / Electronic Check, and International Wires through Western Union Business Solutions. Payments made by credit card will incur a 2.75% service fee for cards drawn on domestic bank accounts, and 4.25% service fee for international cards. ACH / Electronic Check transactions will not carry a service fee. Payments made by International Wire do not carry a service fee, but the student's bank may charge wire fees or other administrative costs.

However, please be aware that tuition must be received and paid by the tuition payment deadline or else you may receive late fees and be dropped from class. FSU is not responsible for checks mailed before the deadline, that are not received until after the deadline or that are lost in the mail. In addition, checks not completed properly will be considered late. If you find yourself within five business days of the deadline, please use an express mail service or use one of the alternate payment methods.

Account Refund Setup (ARS)

What is the Account Refund Setup?
Florida State University will send your refunds to the domestic bank of your choice. Be sure to enroll in direct deposit so that we know where to send your excess financial aid after tuition and fees have been paid.

When must I update my local address so that the check is mailed to the right location?
Please update your local address whenever you move, but the final deadline for this is the fourth day of classes within a semester. You may update your address in your "Student Profile" in Secure Apps in Canvas. If you asked us to mail you a check, we will mail it to the address on file. If a check is mailed to the wrong address, it may take up to two weeks to be returned by the Post Office.

Do I need an FSUCard-Truist account in order to get my financial aid?
No, but it is highly recommended because this is the quickest and easiest option to get your refunded financial aid. Funds are available by the next business day in FSUCard-Truistt accounts while it may take a week or longer for net checks to be received in the mail.

Will money be taken out of my FSUCard-Truist account to pay tuition?
No. This is a private bank account. By completing this online form you are authorizing us to deposit refunds into your account, not withdraw money from your account.

Financial Aid Questions

When will I receive my disbursement?
Most students' financial aid will be disbursed a week before classes begin and will appear in students' bank accounts, or mailed as checks. Please check your Account Statement after funds have disbursed to ensure your financial aid has disbursed and to settle any outstanding charges.

I was supposed to receive financial aid, but it is not on my account. How can I get this?
Please make sure you have finished your Account Refund Setup (ARS). We cannot disburse any funds without knowing where you would like a refund to go.

Next, check the financial aid disbursement date. FSU always waits until after the drop/add period to disburse financial aid. If the financial aid disbursement date has passed, there is likely some sort of hold on your aid. You should be able to see this hold on your Financial Aid Toolkit in Canvas. If there is a hold, you will need to follow the instructions there. If there is not, you will need to contact the College of Medicine Financial Aid Coordinator and make sure you have been awarded this aid.

Why wasn’t my private scholarship disbursed?
More often than not, it is because we have yet to receive the funds from your donor organization. Please check with your donor to see if they have sent the funds. Once the funds are received, they will be disbursed or you will be contacted by email if there is any additional hold.

Where do I have my donor send a check for a private scholarship?
Donors may send private scholarship checks to:

Student Business Services
Attn: Private Scholarships
A1500 University Center
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2395

Financial Aid Exit Interview

What is an Exit interview?
An exit interview is a loan counseling session in which you are advised of your loan repayment schedule, obligations and rights to deferment and/or cancellation. Your school is required by the federal government to conduct this exit interview whenever you are no longer enrolled as at least a half time student.

Why is my school requiring me to complete an exit interview?
Your school is required by the federal government to conduct this exit interview whenever you are no longer enrolled as at least a half time student. Some reasons that you may drop below half time are:

  • You are graduating from school.
  • The registrar's office shows you as enrolled less than half time. 
  • You are withdrawing from school. 
  • You are transferring to another school. 
  • You are taking a leave of absence from school.

What happens if I do not complete the exit interview?
Your account at the university could be placed on hold preventing you from registering for classes or requesting transcripts.

Financial Holds and Consequences for Non-Payment

What is a Financial Aid Deferment?
A Financial Aid Deferment is a method of extending the tuition payment deadline until the financial aid arrives or the deferment expires. State of Florida rules allow the deferment of tuition fees for students receiving financial aid when the aid is delayed due to circumstances beyond the control of the student. The failure to make timely application for the aid is an insufficient reason to receive a deferment of fees. In order to receive a deferment, you must have submitted all required documents prior to the beginning of the semester.

Financial aid deferments are processed by the Office of Financial Aid. Financial aid students who are not eligible to receive the deferment must pay in full by the posted deadline. You should check the status of your financial aid at least monthly and inquire whether all paper work has been received and requirements have been met in Canvas “Secure Apps” under “Financial Aid Student Toolkit.” Students must pay their tuition by the deferment deadline or risk receiving a late payment fee or being dropped from classes. All Financial Aid Deferments expire according to the posted deadline, and there is no further extension available.

What is a Financial Aid Hold?
Student Financial Services will contact your garnet email account if there is a hold on your financial aid. If you do not resolve this hold within the time specified we are required to return any loan funds to the lender.

 If you are in doubt about your status, please contact: