Fellowship Benefits


Postdoctoral Fellows are provided with a stipend of $47,658 per year. 

Health Insurance

The FSUCOM offers Postdoctoral Psychology fellows the same health-insurance benefit plan it offers all full-time employees/faculty members. Supplemental insurance plans, such as dental and vision, are also available options at the Fellows discretion. Please refer to the Florida State University Human Resources Department for update information about available health insurance options. Health insurance coverage begins the 1st day of month following enrollment / hire date. You have 60 days from your hire date to enroll. 

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Postdoctoral Fellows accrue a maximum balance of 104 hours of paid time off annually which can be used for periodic vacations, personal reasons, illness, or other pre-approved reasons.  PTO will be approved by the Program Director  depending on the individual Fellows’ needs.  Once a Fellow exceeds 104 hours of PTO per academic year, he/she may be required to make up missed time to fulfill program and licensing requirements.

Professional Development Leave Allowance

Professional development leave is made available to enhance the postdoctoral fellows training, research, or writing.  Postdoctoral fellows are allotted a total of 5 days of professional development leave per academic year. A stipend of $1500 per year is available for professional development such as professional conference attendance.

Professional Liability

Postdoctoral Fellows are covered by the FSUCOM insurance program, which provides comprehensive general liability protection, including professional liability protection.