Curriculum Redesign

The Faculty and students of the College of Medicine continue to create the FSU COM Curriculum for the 21st Century.

Our Vision

This exciting, collaborative approach embodies a fundamental principle of our educational program: our goal is not simply to impart knowledge but above all to help students learn and to develop as exemplary physicians, prepared to practice medicine in the 21st century.

Our Plan

Our preclerkship curriculum has undergone a major redesign – from a traditional, discipline-based curriculum – anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, etc. – to a fully integrated biopsychosocial model. The specifics continue to evolve in response to student and faculty feedback in each iteration.

Curriculum Overview Class of 2021

 Download pdf of Preclerkship Curriculum Plan

Our Framework

In our new courses, the organizing framework is the human being, and the goal is to develop our learners’ ability to think as physicians. Students will acquire knowledge and skills from the perspective of approaching and understanding the patient – from physical status to behaviors to place in the community to the impact of the health care system on them.


  • Specific activities focused on professional behavior, wellness, and medicine in society begin in the first week.
  • Early clinical experiences begin in week 1 – through both encounters with simulated patients and community visits. 
  • Reduced lecture time. Interactive large and small group session and guided discovery activities develop the critical thinking habits of successful physicians and facilitate individualized attention to learning needs.
  • Use of customized NBME assessments for each course.
  • 6 weeks protected time to study for USMLE Step 1
  • Preclerkship “boot camp” prepares students for their clinical rotations.

Our Timeline

The Class of 2018  participated in the new Foundations of Medicine 1: Structure and Function in 2014. The Class of 2019 is first cohort to experience the complete new curriculum, beginning in the Summer of 2015.

More Information

The Curriculum Redesign intranet (SharePoint) site has more resources and details for the FSU College of Medicine community.

Contact the Co-Directors with questions, comments, or for more information.