Undergraduate SSTRIDE


Undergraduate SSTRIDE or USSTRIDE is the college component of the FSU College of Medicine Outreach Programs and serves as an extension of the pre-college program. USSTRIDE is open to Florida State University, Florida A&M University, Tallahassee Community College, post-baccalaureate students, and SSTRIDE Connect students. Premedical students interested in applying to our medical school and working in rural or underserved communities are invited to apply and participate in USSTRIDE.

Application for Membership

To be admitted to U-SSTRIDE, students must be interviewed by the College Outreach and Advising Office, have a 3.4 GPA or higher, complete a membership application, and submit two letters of recommendation. Any SSTRIDE students who have been in the Outreach Programs through their matriculation to Florida State University and accepted to SSTRIDE Connect during their freshman year are automatically admitted into USSTRIDE. There are approximately 50 spaces available for new members each academic year. Students must apply for membership in the Spring term during the middle of March.

USSTRIDE offers a course in clinical assisting through a partnership with Florida Health Science Consulting. It is a one-semester intensive clinical training experience that focuses on the fundamentals of electrocardiography, phlebotomy, and assessment and management skills of patient care and is followed by an externship in a physician’s office or a clinic for uninsured patients. Once students complete the course and pass the certification exam, students are certified, clinical assistants. Certification often leads to gaining part-time, paid employment in a physician's office or medical clinic, gaining valuable clinical experience, which is important for admission to medical school. Each year, 28 students are trained through this program. All undergraduate premedical students are also provided assistance with the overall medical school application process and a recommendation letter service. Letters of recommendations for medical school are forwarded to the medical schools on the student’s behalf.


Undergraduate SSTRIDE, as an extension of the pre-college program, includes:

  • Comprehensive pre-health professions advising.
  • Tutoring in the science and pre-medical gateway courses (e.g., chemistry, pre-calculus, biology)
  • MCAT preparation classes
  • Mock interview sessions
  • Participation in volunteer opportunities
  • Mentoring opportunities with middle and high school SSTRIDE students
  • Professional development workshops
  • Assistance with medical and professional school applications
  • Opportunities to enhance public speaking skills
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded students and staff
  • Clinical assisting course with FL Health Science Consulting
  • Clinical Internship 
  • Membership in MAPS

Students must apply for membership to USSTRIDE in March, during the Spring term.


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