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The Division of Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences houses a number of programs at the College of Medicine: IMS Degree Program, PreHealth Advising, Pre-College Outreach, and the Bridge to Clinical Medicine Program.

The faculty and staff in the IMS Division provide academic advising and counseling to students interested in pursuing careers in the health sciences.

Click here to set up an appointment with a Health Professions Advisor or Outreach Coordinator to prepare for a career in the medical or health care field. 

For more information call us at 850-644-7678 or  850-644-1843

You can also email us at  


Faculty and Staff

IMS Administrative Associate

Penny Lyons



IMS Academic Program Specialist

Whitney Jones, M.Ed

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Riley Miller, M.A.

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IMS Transfer Specialist

Laura Minor

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IMS Community Coordinator

Heather Stitely, M.S.

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IMS Degree Program Manager

Ann DelRossi, M.S.,Ed.S.



Pre-Med and Pre-Health Advisors

Meredith Gellepis

Senior PreHealth Advisor
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Steven Hazlehurst

Prehealth Professions Advisor
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Kaylee Webb

Prehealth Professions Advisor
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Undergraduate Research Advising

Elizabeth Foster, Ph.D.
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Samantha Buckley, M.A.

Academic Program Specialist, SSTRIDE Connect

Melanie Yurewitch 

Collier County SSTRIDE Coordinator

Program Evaluation

Aihua Wang
IMS Division Evaluation Specialist



IMS Faculty

Erica Miller, DSW, LCSW
IMS Degree Program Faculty


Deans and Directors

Thesla Berne-Anderson, M.S.
Founder of SSTRIDE/Executive Director of Undergraduate Outreach and Precollege Programs

Elizabeth Foster, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, IMS Division

Lilly Lewis, M.A.
Director, IMS Degree Program Academic and Student Services

Anthony C. Speights, M.D., FACOG, AAHIVS
Senior Associate Dean, IMS Division
Director, Bridge to Clinical Medicine Master's Program