First Time in College (Freshmen)/Lower Division Transfer Students

Congratulations on your acceptance into FSU. This is a very exciting time for you. We are proud to be part of your journey here at FSU. To better assist you during your Orientation please pay attention to the following information. Please be sure you are reading your FSU email at least once a day for important information. Make sure to attend all your Orientation sessions.

If you have any questions or concerns please email

      • Before attending your FSU Orientation session complete the FSU Orientation Pre-Advising Survey to report any IB/AP/AICE or Dual Enrollment credits you will be receiving. (Check your FSU email if you have not completed the survey already)
      • This form is used to help our advisors prepare for your orientation advising session
      • It is IMPORTANT to list ALL courses you may receive credit for even if you think you failed the exam/course
      • All Freshmen entering the IMS Program who intend to register for MAC1140 Pre-Calculus, MAC1114 Trigonometry, or MAC2311 Calculus I as their first mathematics course at FSU.
      • If students have already received college credit for MAC2311 Calculus I through AP/IB/AICE they should visit this website for special guidance regarding taking the ALEKS exam.
      • Students need a strong math foundation for many of the classes you will be taking in the future. Without the strong foundation you run the risk of struggling in more complex classes, such as organic chemistry.
      • The ALEKS Information you should have received with the link to take the test click here