IMS Dean's Office 

If you are an upper division Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences Program student, your Dean's Office is the IMS Student Affairs/Dean's Office located in 2140 College of Medicine (the same location as the IMS Advising Office). Please contact us regarding any situation that requires approval of your Academic Dean whether it be to obtain Dean's approval or to seek assistance with other matters. The IMS Student Affairs/Dean's Office has authorized personnel to help students and to provide students with an official “Dean’s signature/approval” when appropriate. 

While you are a lower division student (generally your first two years), your Academic Dean is the Dean of Undergraduate Studies. During this period you must have approval from the Office of Undergraduate Studies (located in the University Center A3400, 850-644-2451) for any situation that requires the approval of your Academic Dean.

The IMS Student Affairs/Dean's Office can assist students with:

  • Academic concerns
  • Academic dismissal
  • Academic progress check requests please click here 
  • Any paperwork requiring dean's signature
  • Course load permissions
  • Graduation requirements/concerns/questions
  • Late course drops (8th week through the 12th week of the semester)
  • Medical/mental health course drops
  • Petition to drop classes after the 7th week or retroactive drop petition  
  • Petition to remain in the IMS Program
  • Summer residency requirement waiver request
  • Undergraduate request to take graduate level courses
  • Withdrawing from the semester or retroactive withdrawal

For matters requiring assistance from the IMS Student Affairs/Dean's Office, please email or call 850-644-1843 to set up an appointment.


IMS Student Affairs/Dean's Office Staff:

Lilly Lewis, IMS Program Director
College of Medicine Suite 2140

Ann DelRossi, IMS Degree Program Manager
College of Medicine Suite 2140