Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The Neuroscience Research Center at the Tallahassee Memorial Regional Medical Center, co-directed by Gerry Maitland, M.D., offers clinical research opportunities involving the development of new test protocols, rehabilitation techniques, strategies and protocols involving a wide range of neurological conditions that frequently overlap with disorders of internal medicine and/or pediatrics.

Summer research projects are "hands on" projects that involve extensive mentored student/patient interaction. Studies accomplished over the last two years were directed at the detection of low contrast vision in Parkinson's Disease and Mul;tiple Sclerosis; the interaction of cognitive loading and walking stability in neuro-degenerative diseases; the detection of retinal changes in autism and the identification of inner ear dysfunction as the major cause in dizziness and diabetes.

Current investigations include new protocols for rehabilitation in patients with brain injury and visual field defects, as well as a study exploring causes of headaches in patients with sleep apnea.

The goal of the research experience is to familiarize the student with basic research concepts and development of research protocols with emphasis on significant patient-student interaction. Students are expected to produce work suitable for presentation at regional and national meetings and/or for publication in refereed journals.