Pediatric Clerkship

The Pediatric Clerkship is a core clerkship taken in the third year. It consists of 4 weeks of outpatient clinic experience in a pediatrician's office, and 2 weeks of hospital inpatient care. The clerkship is offered at each regional campus, and is affiliated with pediatric residencies in Orlando and Pensacola. The clerkship is designed to give the student experience in caring for children with either acute or chronic illnesses. The student cares for children of all ages, from the newborn to the adolescent.

There is a Pediatric Clerkship Director at each regional campus who meets with the students on the clerkship on a weekly basis to discuss patients seen, weekly assignments, and ethics cases. The students are assigned CLIPP Cases which are computer cases that simulate various patient conditions that a pediatrician is likely to encounter. The Clerkship Director helps choose clinical faculty who are dedicated to teaching. The Clerkship Directors are each experienced pediatricians, and most continue to have their own practices.

There are multiple excellent electronic resources available to the student and faculty members, and these are accessible via the College of Medicine Library website.

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