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Current Openings

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We are looking for General or Vascular Neurologist interested in relocation to Puerto Rico. This opportunity is for a hospital located in Caguas, Puerto Rico for their Primary Stroke Center.
Main responsibilities:
  • Cover general and vascular cases for the Stroke Program.
  • Interview patients to obtain information, such as complaints, symptoms, medical histories, and family histories.
  • Examine patients to obtain information about functional status of areas, such as vision, physical strength, coordination, reflexes, sensations, language skills, cognitive abilities, and mental status.
  • Diagnose neurological conditions based on interpretation of examination findings, histories, or test results.
  • Prescribe or administer medications, such as anti-epileptic drugs, and monitor patients for behavioral and cognitive side effects.
  • Identify and treat major neurological system diseases and disorders, such as central nervous system diseases and disorders, such as central nervous system infection, cranio spinal trauma, dementia, and stroke.
  • Prepare, maintain, or review records that include patients' histories, neurological examination findings, treatment plans, or outcomes. 
  • Board certified or in process
Learn more here and apply by sending a resume to Gabriela Mangual or calling 787-306-5744. 
Caguas, Puerto Rico

Gabriela Mangual,

Internal Medicine

We are looking for Doctors of Internal Medicine, willing to relocate to Caguas Puerto Rico, interested in working full time or part time with one of the top hospitals in Puerto Rico.


  • Care for the patient to detect possible common illnesses.
  • Recommend specific healthy lifestyle habits for each patient according to their lifestyle or age.
  • Help and direct the sick when they go to a hospital.
  • Hospital treatment of patients with various pathologies: autoimmune, metabolic, systemic, etc.
  • External consultations.
  • Comprehensive care for patients who have a higher vascular risk due, for example, to diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes.
  • Assistance to elderly patients with pathologies such as: diabetes, heart failure, etc. 


  • Valid MD License
  • Board Certified or in process

Send a resume to Gabriela Mangual or call 787-306-5744. 

Caguas, Puerto Rico Gabriela Mangual, 11/16/2020
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