Help Our Students Travel (HOST)

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The College of Medicine is offering a program to help our students reduce their expenses and connect with our alumni. As you may remember, residency program interviews for fourth-year students begin at the end of October, and we'd like to match our students with hosts during travel for their interviews. Alumni hosts provide students with a free place to stay as well as offer helpful advice regarding residency training and the prospective medical center and community for which they are interviewing. If you are interested in joining this program and hosting a student, please sign up and someone from our office will contact you. We'd like to thank our alumni in advance for their valuable support during this exciting time for our students.


Alumni HOST Process

     • Step 1 - Complete your Alumni Interest Form.
     • Step 2 - The Alumni Relations Coordinator will contact you if an FSU MED Student is traveling in your area.
     • Step 3 - Once a match has been made, the Alumni Relations Coordinator will introduce you to the student through email.
     • Step 4 - The FSU MED Student will contact you with details of their schedule.
     • Step 5 - Host the student.
     • Step 6 - Complete the online evaluation.

Student HOST Process

     • Step 1 – Once you have your travel dates, complete your Travel Requests.
     • Step 2 - The Alumni Relations Coordinator will email you once a match has been made with your alumnus'
                     contact information.
     • Step 3 - Contact your alumnus with details of your schedule.
     • Step 4 - Enjoy your trip.
     • Step 5 - Complete the online evaluation and thank you note, closing the loop on your visit with a
                     College of Medicine alumnus.