Residents Salary and Benefits

Annual Salary: First Year Second Year Third Year
2020-2021 $53,720 $55,504 $57,222


Note: Each Co-Chief Resident receives an additional $2,000 annually.

Insurance Benefits Provided

  • Major Medical Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance 

Resident Educational Allowance

  • Continuing Medical Education ($1,000 per year)

This allowance may be used for educational purposes including conference expenses, textbooks, journals, or research related expenses.


  • Paid Time Off (4 weeks vacation)


Up to $5,000 reimbursement for certain relocation expenses (per Lee Health policy)

Moonlighting Opportunities

  • PGY-2 (for U.S. medical school graduates) with Program Director Approval
  • PGY-3 (for U.S. and international medical school graduates with Program Director Approval


  • Housing subsidy of $500 each month (rent or purchase of home)
  • Meals are provided while at work and/or on call
  • Up to $500 reimbursement for personal computer
  • Cell phone subsidy $35 monthly 
  • USMLE Step III registration fees
  • ECFMG Application Fee (if applicable)
  • FM Board certification fee (for PGY-3) residents is provided ($1,300/resident)
  • AAFP and FAFP Membership is provided
  • State of Florida licensure application process and fees for training license
  • Lab coats, scrubs, and business cards
  • Fitness center:  available/discounted
  • Funding for national or regional presentation for accepted abstract