Clinic-First Training

FlynnWe have adopted the Clinic-First scheduling model for our second and third year residents during their non-inpatient rotations. This allows each resident to have a dedicated week in the ambulatory clinic, followed by a dedicated week on their rotational experience. This reduces travel time and enhances continuity of patient care, both of which have served to increase our residents’ overall satisfaction with their training. Our clinic also has a multidisciplinary team consisting of physicians, nurses, behavioral specialists, pharmacists and a community social worker working in an integrated model of care.


Rotation Schedule


Rotation Name Block
Orientation (July) 1
Inpatient Medicine 4
Pediatric Inpatient 1
Pediatric Outpatient 1
Cardiology 1
Sports Medicine 1
General Surgery 1
Obstetrics 1
Emergency Medicine 1
Behavioral Medicine longitudinal experience
Elective 1
PGY-2: Block
Inpatient Medicine 2
Pediatric Inpatient 0.5
Obstetrics 1
Ambulatory Med/Night Float 2
ER 1
Practice Management 0.5
Behavioral Medicine 0.5
Psychiatry 0.5
Pediatric ER 1
Elective 2
PGY-3: Block
Inpatient Medicine 0.5
Ambulatory Med/Night Float 1
Adult Medicine Selective 1
Geriatrics 1
Dermatology 1
Wound Care 0.5
Community Medicine 0.5
Recovery / Addiction Medicine 1
Ambulatory Pediatrics (Primary Care or Specialty Pediatrics) 1
Ophthalmology 0.5
Urology 0.5
ENT 0.5
Electives 4

Areas of Concentration

If desired, residents can choose to focus their electives [7 total plus an ambulatory adult medicine selective and an ambulatory pediatric selective] into educational curriculum areas of concentration including:

  • Sports Medicine
  • Global Health
  • Hospital Medicine
  • Health Disparities
  • Lifestyle Medicine
  • Women's Health
  • *Other potential future areas of concentration - informatics, point of care ultrasound, osteopathic medicine, OB


Residents have three didactic settings:

  • Formal didactic teaching conferences during the adult inpatient medicine rotation
  • Behavioral medicine longitudinal experience
  • Academic Afternoons held each Tuesday from 1:00 - 5:00 p.m which includes a monthly Point of Care Ultrasound Workshop.


Medical Students

Lee Health is a designated site for rotations for medical students from the FSU College of Medicine and other U.S. medical schools. These medical students are integrated into our clinical rotations, enhancing your development as teachers and ambassadors of family medicine.

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