The sole mission of this organization is to enhance the recruitment of under-represented students into health care and medical fields, and to help members become successful candidates for professional health and medical programs.

Program Design

The Minority Association of Pre-Medical students works in partnership with the College of Medicine in providing a comprehensive student support program which includes academic advisement, tutoring, mentoring, personal development workshops, career placement, community service and volunteer opportunities.

  • Academic advisement focuses not only on appropriate curriculum selections (to be done by MAPS faculty advisor), but also on helping students cope with academic and non-academic concerns. Important parts of the this organization’s mission include interview workshops, career placement opportunities, professional school, application and testing information, exam preparation and assistance in developing and implementing plans of action for students.
  • Tutoring will be available in every academic area. Undergraduate and graduate students will help members develop strategies for addressing academic deficiencies. Study skills, testing and problem-solving strategies will be included in tutoring sessions. The focus will be on individual help from skilled staff and successful MAPS students, who will become a part of the student’s academic world, providing a continuum of consistent help and follow-up from the point of entry through graduation.
  • Professional, academic and student mentors are paired with participants depending upon their needs and goals.
  • Community service projects are coordinated and implemented each semester.
  • Personal development workshops are conducted to address issues such as social development, self-esteem, time management, campus involvement and leadership opportunities.