College Mentor Initiative (CMI) Corner

Program Overview

Program Description

The Florida State University Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (MAPS), Collegiate Mentor Initiative (C.M.I.) is a program designed to aid incoming freshman and sophomore students in preparation for medical and professional health programs. Its primary function is to give these incoming students the opportunities to interact with an upperclassmen mentor during their first two years, with progression to becoming a mentor and continuing the process. This will direct the students along the proper pathways towards successful matriculation into graduate health-care and medical programs and beyond. It will focus on retention of students by accentuating meeting attendance and involvement in study groups, mentoring, test prep and/or other academic support groups.

Descriptions, Duties and Expectations

Primary Duties of an Upperclassman:

The primary duties of the Mentor are to assist new students as they adjust to college life and aim towards their future career pathway. The Mentor is a junior or senior student who would encourage the student with going to meetings, and emphasize the need to utilize the SSTRIDE center and other program activities and events available through this organization. They can also assist the student with other aspects of college life, such as developing study habits and learning to live on their own. The Mentor is there to help the student not only academically, but entirely, so as to promote the idea of a support group within MAPS.

Expectations of a Mentor:

The mentor must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The Mentor MUST be an active member of the MAPS, as specified by the constitution.
  2. They must have no less than one hour a week devoted to each Mentee, with no more than two Mentees to one Mentor.
  3. They must attend at least four (4) hours per month of study time in the SSTRIDE center with their Mentee.
  4. The Mentor may choose to have both Mentees “sessions” at the same time, as long as it does not deter the overall progress of the Mentee.
  5. If a mentor can not help their Mentee with a subject, it is the Mentor’s responsibility to find a replacement that is proficient.
  6. They must be aware that extra time with the Mentee may be needed, especially during test weeks.
  7. They must attend at least two fundraisers per year with their Mentee.
  8. The Mentor must keep a log sheet on Mentee progress during each semester.
  9. A Mentee may be subject to re-evaluation if progress continues to drop, and dismissal from the program may result if improperly used.
  10. A Mentor is subject to all rules and regulations of MAPS and the Florida State University code of conduct. They must also adhere to the code of conduct set forth by this program.

The Role of a Mentee:

The Mentee is an incoming freshman or sophomore whom intends on becoming a part of MAPS. They must show drive and initiative towards their goals of becoming a health-care and medical professional, as well as support it academically. These students will have the advice of the Pre-Medical Advising Office, as well as their assigned mentor, to further their collegiate experience and develop the necessary skills to enhance their application into health-care and medical programs. The program will allow these students to explore their career options through other programs available, such as the Physician Partnership Program or the Medical Assisting Program.

Expectations of a Mentee:

The Mentee must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The Mentee MUST be eligible for induction into the MAPS as specified by the constitution (a student doesn’t have to be a second semester student).
  2. The student must apply for membership into the MAPS by their first semester of mentoring.
  3. The Mentee must be inducted into the MAPS by the end of their fourth semester.
  4. The Mentee must be available to spend at least one hour with their Mentor per week.
  5. They must be able to spend at least four (4) hours a month with their Mentor at the SSTRIDE Center.
  6. The student may be asked to devote extra time to Mentoring during test/quiz weeks for extra help
  7. Extra time may also be needed pending the outcome of progress and the advisor’s assessment.
  8. The student is expected to maintain the required GPA for the length of the tutoring, even if he/she is not a MAPS member yet.
  9. The student may be expected to fill out progress sheets with their Mentor if no advancement is shown.
  10. A Mentee may be subject to re-evaluation if progress continues to drop, and an intervention plan may be proposed between the student and advisor.
  11. A Mentee is subject to all rules and regulations of MAPS and the Florida State University code of conduct. They must also adhere to the code of conduct set forth by this program.

Colligiate Mentor Initiative

Point System


Event Points
Registration Party 1 pt
MAPS Football Game  Concession Stand* 2 pts
MAPS Social* 2 pts
Scavenger Hunt** 1 pt
Game Night 1 pt
Gym Social 2 pts
Community Service Activity 3 pts

CMI Meetings and Mentor/Mentee Time

Event Points
Mentor/Mentee Meetings 1 pt/2 hours
CMI Meetings 1 pt each

Minimum Total Points Required: 20 pts***

* Must attend at least one football game to help with a concession stand for MAPS and must attend one MAPS social as a mentor/mentee group.
** The first group to turn in their scavenger hunt will be given 2 pts.
*** When 20 pts are earned for CMI, 10 pts will be awarded towards MAPS.
****Any points earned above 20 will be rewarded through “Mentor/Mentee of the Month” and end-of-semester awards.