The Willed Body Program

The Anatomical Board of the State of Florida

In Florida, a person who wishes to will his or her body for medical education and research at one of the state’s medical schools must contact the Anatomical Board of the State of Florida office in Gainesville (800-628-2594).

This office handles all of the “donations” of bodies to Florida's medical schools. The office in Gainesville has preparation and storage facilities to handle the donations. A body donor may designate where (which medical school) the body will be used, barring unusual circumstances. You may indicate your preference for the Florida State University College of Medicine.

FSU's College of Medicine does not have storage and preparation facilities. All donated bodies used for teaching and research come through the Anatomical Board of the State of Florida.

People who have questions regarding body donation may call the Anatomical Board at  800-628-2594 or visit the Anatomical Board website.