Providing Discretionary Resources

All colleges and schools develop discretionary funds that can be used by the administration for needs that cannot be met by state resources. As a relatively new college, the FSU College of Medicine has precious little available in the way of discretionary funds for items such as student travel, staff development, publications, recruitment activities and special conferences.

Dean's Fund

This gift will establish a fund from which income can be allocated by the dean to meet priority needs of the school, its faculty and its students. Multiple funds will be established to create both endowment and immediate funds to enhance College of Medicine programs beyond the abilities of state-provided resources.

Regional Campus Dean's Fund

Each regional campus of the College of Medicine is directed by a campus dean, who is in the best position to determine the needs of that campus, its faculty and students. At each campus, funds will be created to foster the growth of the campus according to priorities identified by the campus dean.