Creating Opportunities for Students

The FSU College of Medicine focuses more than any other medical school in Florida on recruiting students who will help meet the health-care needs of Florida's medically underserved populations. Research has shown that students with the greatest commitment to service are often those who themselves come from rural and other underserved communities and have fewer economic resources. For this reason, private support for students is crucial to the college's ability to recruit and foster the kind of medical students who will most likely fulfill the college's mission.

Opportunities to support FSU medical students include:

College of Medicine Student Services Center
Retaining top students and developing positive relationships is a critical component of any successful program. Endowment income will be used to provide academic counseling, course development, facility upgrades and additional computer services for students.

Named College of Medicine Scholars
The Scholars Endowment will provide scholarship funds directly to entering full-time students. Providing financial assistance to outstanding students is an essential element of the college's overall strategy. Only through endowment funding can we achieve this goal.

Student Clerkships
Alumni and corporations may wish to endow single clerkships for students in their third and fourth years. Endowment income will be used to provide moving and living expenses for students as they train at FSU's regional medical school campuses.

Mission-Based Scholarships
The FSU College of Medicine has a unique mission. It is to prepare physicians to serve rural, underserved and geriatric populations. To help ensure that this mission is fulfilled, specific endowments can be created to provide scholarship funds for students wishing to focus their energies in one of these areas.