Lifetime Honor Roll

(Through June 2018, as reported by the FSU Foundation)

HIPPOCRATES SOCIETY ($1 million or more)
Matilda A. and Evans* C. (Tilly and E.C.) Allen
Archbold Medical Center
John A. and Dorian T. Blackmon
The Collier Foundation Inc.
Dance Marathon at FSU (Southeastern HealthCare Foundation Inc.)
Laurie L. Dozier Jr.*
Florida Hospital Orlando
Severiano and Josephine C. (Fifi) Jorge*
Terri J. Kennedy
Charlotte E. Maguire*
Charlotte Maguire-Lakewood Estates Inc.
W. Russell and Eugenia M. Morcom
Jane E. and George D. Morgan
Naples Children & Education Foundation Inc.
NCH Healthcare System Inc.
Nike Inc.
Mina Jo Powell*
Isabel C. and William A. Read*
Jim and Betty Ann Rodgers
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare Foundation Inc.
Leon C. and Billye Tully*
Sammie Wade*
Williams Family Foundation of Georgia

CADUCEUS SOCIETY ($100,000-$999,999.99)
George Abramson*
Garry D. Adel and Terry L. Cole
Aldina L.C.
Charles L. and Margery K. Barancik
Charles and Margery Barancik Foundation
Louis W. Bender*
Diane A. Bruton
Gordon D. and Gena C. Burtch
Margaret L. Cason*
Jules B. Chapman, M.D. and Annie Lou Chapman Private Foundation
Estate of Christine R. Clampett*
Dorothy B. Crooker-Steves Foundation
Grace H. Dansby
Thomas E. and Sandra G. DeLopez
Digestive Disease Clinic
David M. and Lauren C. Duany
Janine C. Edwards
Escambia County Medical Society Foundation
Mark P. and Jennie Famiglio
The Bert Fish Foundation Inc.
Florida Blue
Florida Blue Foundation
Florida Medical Practice Plan Inc.
John P. and Diane T. Fogarty
The Freed Foundation
Halifax Medical Center Medical Staff Fund
James O. (Ocie) and JoElla L. Harris
Julian E. and Myra M. Hurt
Erwin D. and Stefanie W. Jackson
Edward C. Klatt
Michael J. and Susan Kowalski
Kowalski Sausage Charitable Trust
Kowalski Sausage Co.
Landings of Pensacola LLC
Steven P. Latshaw
William G. and Susan C. Leseman
Helen B. Lipscomb and James H.* Fling
Martin Health System
Diana B. Murray
John V. Murray
The Nemours Foundation
Orlando Health
Partnership for Public Health Inc.
Durell Peaden* and Nancy G. Peaden
People for Florida’s Future
Pfizer Inc.
Nona J. Rawls & H. Taylor Jones Foundation
Katherine L. and John M.* Rogers
Shelfer Memorial Trust
John P. Sisson
Charles A. and Kristin W. Smallwood
C. David Smith and Katherine M. Smith
William D. Steward*
Michael J. and Janet M. Sweeney
Tallahassee Endoscopy Center Inc.

ASCLEPIUS SOCIETY ($25,000-$99,999.99)
Adventist Health System
Aesculapian Management Company LLC
AIDS Resource Alliance Foundation
AMA Education & Research Foundation
Amerigroup Charitable Foundation
Autism Navigator LLC
BarrierMed Inc.
BMO Harris Bank N.A.
Kenneth V. and Amrita R. Brummel-Smith
The Capital Medical Society
Frank J. and Lucia A. Castagna
Centene Management Company LLC
Prasad V. and Mydhili P. Chalasani
The Chatlos Foundation Inc.
George F. Cohen
Laverne E. and Debra A. Danforth
Dermatology Associates of Tallahassee
Laurie L. and Carmel I. Dozier
Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center
Gadsden County School District
Owen K. and Chrystelle I. Goodwyne
Moises T. Grayson
Edwin D. and Margaret B. Groves
Halifax Medical Center Foundation Inc.
Ronald C. and Sally M. Hartsfield
Paul F. and Mollie H. Hill
Humam Humeda
Indian River Medical Center
Intercoastal Medical Group Inc.
Elvin C. and Angela C. Irvin
Moises A. Issa
Suzanne B. Johnson and Nathan W.* Perry
Bud and Marjie Jordan
Marshall B. and Susan C. Kapp
Kathleen M. Kennedy and Gerald F. O’Brien
Fred A. and Nora Kobylarz
Matthew C. and Stephanie C. Lee
Helen N. Livingston
Harry T. Mangurian*
The Mangurian Foundation Inc.
Martin Health System Medical Executive Committee
Charles R. Mathews and Frances O. Dwyer*
Paul A. and Melissa K. McLeod
Med 3000 Health Solutions SE
Medical Building Enterprises Inc.
Medical Educational Council of Pensacola
Paul D. and Joan Y. Meek
Douglas G. and Carole J. Meuser
Victor C. and Jeanne B. Micolucci
Micolucci Enterprises Inc.
Daniel T. and Linda E. Miles
Steven G. and Nancy S. Miles
Mary V. Mock
Bill Montford Campaign
William J. and Jane G. Montford
Michael J. and Jane L. Muszynski
Wendy A. Myers and Luckey M. Dunn
Orange County Medical Society of Florida Inc.
Order of the Eastern Star
Physician Micro Systems Inc.
Pipe Dreams of Tallahassee LLC
Joseph F. Savona and Penelope A. Tokarski
SMH Physician Services Inc.
Stetson Law
Curtis C. Stine
Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic
TD Bank N.A.
Marjorie S. Thomas*
Philip D. and Deirdre G. Troyer
Saul and Nancy J. Ullman
Ullman Eye Consultants
John R. and Marcia S. Van Wingen
Daniel J. and Patricia L. Van Durme
June A. Vanderpool*
The Wagner Fund Trust
Daniel L. Woodward and Paja Faudree
Edward C. and Lisa Woodward
Frederick M. and Tracey Woodward
Pat M. and Lisa L. Woodward
Pat M. and Mary J. Woodward

Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society
AMEC Eleventh District
Robert W. Anderson and Rebecca Vail-Anderson
Autodesk Inc.
Nancy M. Baker
David L. Balkwill
Sarah L. and S.H. Banaszak
Baptist Health Care
Michael C. and Ida L. Bell
Benefits & Planning Inc.
Nicole G. and Michael J. Bentze
Bruce H. Berg
George T. and Margaret B. Bernardo
Randall D. and Susan P. Bertolette
James E. Binkard
BMO Harris Bank N.A.
Edward L. Bradley
Kenneth G. and Myrna Bridges
Adam S. and Rose T. Bright
Michael J. and Laura Z. Brown
Greg E. and Suzanne Y. Bush
Pamela P. Carbiener
Alice G. Casler
Timothy C. and Blair B. Childers
Florina C. and Gelu A. Cimpean
Suzanne D. and Armand B. Cognetta
Jeffrey M. Cohen
Stevan and Taylor T. Collins
Community Health Corporation Inc.
William S. Davis
Vincent P. and Susan L. DePorre
Amanda C. and Alex J. Dickert
Duwanna K. and Jimmy C. Dickert
Doctors Hospital of Sarasota
Michael P. and Linda H. Dodson
Harold A. and Lou Ann L. Doll
Arlene M. Duncan
David A. and Sherry A. Duncan
Bernard Egan Foundation
Mahfouz and Maria S. El Shahawy
El Shahawy Family Foundation Inc.
Escambia County Medical Society Inc.
Michael A. and Martha M. Fabian
Family Caregiver Alliance
Florida Autism License Plate Fund
Florida Clinical Practice Association Inc.
Florida Medical Association Inc.
Florida Skin Cancer Foundation
Joseph M. and Jane W. France
Michael R. Gilels
Daniel and Robin M. Glotzer
Eric E. Goldberg
Edward J. Greco and Wendy A. Welch
Pamela M. Grier-Hall and Andre C. Hall
Halifax OB/GYN LLC
Renee Hamad
Jack C. and Joanne K. Harmon
Scott D. and Suzanne L. Harrison
Mel C. Hartsfield
HCA Foundation
Mart P. and Louis* Hill
Pauline Hill
Washington C. Hill
Jill A. and William H. Hood
William H. Hood, M.D., P.A.
Jamila I. Horabin
Hospital Corporation of America
Victor F. and Hillary O. Hultstrand
The Immokalee Foundation
Kristin A. Jackson
Floyd R. and Melissa M. Jaggears
Michael R. and Michelle L. Jampol
Tom Lampone
Lawnwood Regional Medical Center
Robert M. Lemone*
Sara M. Lemone
Gentle and Alma B. Littles
Juliette Lomax-Homier
Francille M. MacFarland
Craig C. Maguire
Dr. Craig C. Maguire
Edmond C. Maguire
Raymer F. and Dean H. Maguire
Raymer F. and Sara C. Maguire*
Maguire Lassman P.A.
Charles G. and Lynne A. Maitland
Jose M. and Sheryl B. Marquez
Melissa B. and James E. Martin
Martin County Community Foundation
Christopher J. and Bonnie Mavroides
Dennis and Jan Mayeaux
Heidi McNaney-Flint and William Flint
Meadowcrest Family Physicians P.A.
Medical Information & Consulting Systems
Lawrence E. Mobley
Paula D. Mueller
Richard S. Nowakowski and Nancy L. Hayes
Gerardo F. Olivera
Neil R. Oslos
Keith B. and Elizabeth L. Paredes
Brett L. Parra
Priti S. and Bhadresh Patel
Rajesh and Sharda Patel
Pisces 2 Inc.
Primary Care Physicians of Hollywood P.L.
Vinayak V. and Vidya Purandare
Radiology Imaging Associates P.A.
Ethel and Harry Reckson Foundation
Craig A. and Paula M. Reutlinger
Elena Reyes
Sugie Riley
Bruce E. and Sandra P. Robinson
Cynthia S. Samra
Johann L. Santa Eulalia
Joseph E. and Carol M. Scherger
Stephen A. and Gina M. Sevigny
Irma L. Shepherd*
Richard J. and Maureen N. Sheridan
George A. and Maxine Smith
Mounzer Soued
Carl G. and Pamela G. Speer
St. Lucie Medical Center
Edward W. and Loretta B. St. Mary
Mark G. Stavros
SunTrust Bank
Suwannee River Area Health Education Center
Tallahassee Memorial
Dudley Teel
Matthew P. and Christine N. Thomas
James B. and Susan S. Tollerton
John W. Tyson
Tomi M. Tyson
Urology Center of Florida Physicians
Venice Regional Bayfront Health
Scott D. and Karen E. Warren
Scott D. Warren M.D., P.A.
West Florida Medical Associates P.A.
Florence R. Whitmire
Whitmire Family Charitable Foundation
Robert K. and Charlie F. Wilson
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
Jon R. Yenari and Karen M. Hamad
Dale T. Zorn

JOHN GORRIE SOCIETY ($1,000-$9,999.99)
John I. and Evelyn D. Abu
Glenn D. Adams
Addiction Research Institute Inc.
Richard K. and Gail Adkins
Colleen Afshari
John E. and Mary Agens
Sharon R. Agens*
Iftikhar Ahmed
Nighat S. Ahmed
Les and Ruth Akers
Charles B. Alexander
Christienne P. Alexander
Joan E. Alford
Mary M. Alford
Alliant National
Allessa D. Allison
Sebastian R. Alston
Alzheimer Resource Center of Tallahassee Inc.
Alzyn LLC
AMDG Naples 100 Senior Concierge and Consulting LLC
American Academy of Family Physicians
American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation
American College of Physicians
American Congress of Obstetricians & Gynecologists
American Medical Association
American Medical Association Foundation
Apartment Owners Best Carpet Inc.
Jonathan S. Appelbaum and William D. Morowski
Michelle N. Arbeitman
Brooke A. Arrington
Robert E. and Dianne E. Ashmore
Sallie M. and DuBose Ausley
Ivan A. and Susie Backerman
Charles D. and Nancy S. Bailey
Shelton D. and Shirley Baker
James A. and Katherine W. Ball
Barco Family Foundation
Paul T. and Lorraine A. Baroco
Michael B. and Julie A. Barré
George Barrie Foundation Inc.
Richard D. and Lynn Barrie
Robert G. and M. Beverly Bartner
Wayne and Zan Batchelor
Stephen R. and Patricia J. Bauerband
Cordelia Lee Beattie Foundation
Gwyneth V. Beckles-Neblett and Winston E. Neblett
Susan J. Beil
Leslie M. Beitsch and Barbara J. Westcott
Rajendra P. Bellam
Raymond E. and Jann J. Bellamy
Joseph P. and Teresa M. Berley
John Maxwell Biasco Foundation
Gerald F. Bieniek and Susan E. Salvati-Bieniek
Ewa A. Bienkiewicz
Big Bend AHEC
Michael and Sachiko I. Blaber
Harry H. Black
Black Hills Special Services Cooperative
Maggie and Douglas S. Blackburn
Steve D. and Lynn E. Blackledge
Jerry D. and Shirley K. Boland
Gregory F. and Suzanne M. Boron
Maurice L. and Sharon Bouchard
Braun & Goodlander Rehab Svc.
Paul R. Bretton
Kurt S. Briesacher and Elizabeth A. Shaw
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
Laura E. Brock
Christopher C. and Maureen A. Brockman
Robert G. and Eliza M. Brooks
John R. and Truc N. Brouillette
Joedrecka S. Brown Speights and Gregory S. Speights
Frances S. Bryan
James B. Bryson
Vernon G. and Sandra J. Buchanan
Peter N. and Catherine C. Butler
Carlos F. and Eve M. Caballero
Loraine M. and Chris E. Cadenhead
Robert J. Campbell
Gary E. Cantrell
Natosha D. Canty-Johnson and Brian O. Johnson
Antonio and Carolyn S. Caos
Capital Medical Society Alliance
Capital Medical Society Foundation
Capital Regional Medical Center
F. Wilson and Jill J. Carraway
Franklin W. and Gayle Carraway
Cayer Behavioral Group Inc.
Centex Construction
Susan L. and Francis C. Chaney
Gregory L. and Jill E. Chesney
Jeffrey P. and Jan D. Chicola
Chief Cornerstone Construction Inc.
Betty L. Christ
Marian P. Christ
Michael J. and Rachel K. Ciaccio
Citrus Oral and Facial Surgery P.A.
Clifford P. and Elaine Clark
Rebecca L. and Christopher J. Cleary
Clinical Research Trials of Florida Inc.
John J. and Karen M. Coffey
Coleman Goodemote Construction Company Inc.
Rhonda J. Collins
Compass Bank
Elizabeth W. and Jay R. Cook
Thomas M. and Marian S. Corbyons
Corbyons & Donohoe Surgical Associates M.D., P.A.
CORT Business Services Corp.
Anthony J. Costa
Bette J. Creighton
Patrick T. and Donna Cress
CSX Foundation Inc.
CTI Resource Management Services Inc.
Culpepper Construction Company Inc.
Katharina Curless
Talbot “Sandy” D’Alemberte and Patsy J. Palmer
Dance Fusion Studios LLC
Victoria R. and Broward E. Davis
Robert C. and Ande K. Dawson
Simone R. De Paula
Michael G. and Mai Phuong T. Degnan
Degnan Family Medicine
Evan E. and Ramona S. DeJesus
Joe E. and Nadine K. Dexter
Jose I. Diaz and Inmaculada Silverio
Robert C. Dillingham and Marilyn T. Hamilton
Henry A. Doenlen
Michael J. Donohoe
William D. and Paula Y. Doty
Wade G. and Michelle Douglas
Margaret Dozier*
Barry and Marlene Drossner
Duke Energy Foundation
Jesse Ehrlich
Jesse B. Ehrlich DDS, PA. Orthodontics for Children & Adults
Vladimir Einisman M.D., CMD, P.A.
Vladimir and Linda Einisman
Felix E. Ermolenko
A.P. (Peter) and Vicki Eveland
ExxonMobil Foundation
William B. and Jennifer L. Farmer
Andy T. and Ilona M. Faust
Michael S. and Maria F. Finazzo
First Commerce Credit Union
First Presbyterian Church
First Professionals Insurance Co.
Lisa M. Flannagan and Elias Thomasevich
Howard V. Fletcher
Gerard Q. Flores
Flores & Razuman, M.D.s, PLLC
Florida Academy of Family Physicians Foundation
Florida Autism Center Inc.
Florida Department of Health
Florida Heart Center P.A.
Florida Hospital DeLand
Florida Hospital Medical Center
Florida Keys Area Health Education Center Inc.
Florida Medical Association Alliance Foundation Inc.
Florida Power & Light Co.
Florida State Primitive Baptist Convention Inc.
Florida State Primitive Baptist Educational Foundation Inc.
Marian A. Floyd
Herbert E. and Patricia L. Flynn
Ruth E. Folit
C. David and Deborah K. Fonvielle
The Fonvielle Foundation Inc.
Michael W. and Jana Forsthoefel
Malcolm R. Fraser
FSU College of Medicine Class of 2014
FSU College of Medicine Class of 2017
Paul A. and Lavina L. Gaeta
Edward J. and Judith A. Galbavy
Mark R. Gallagher
Steven M. and Nancy A. Gallant
George A. Garcia
Gateway Bank of Florida
Brenda H. and John T. Geanakos
Thomas E. and Mary K. Gearhard
Sandor and Helen Genet
Patricia S. Gibson*
Jerry A. and Carolyn S. Glass
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
Gregg A. and Janice G. Gleason
The Glenridge on Palmer Ranch Inc.
Robert L. Glueckauf and Alexandra L. Quittner
Arnold P. Gold Foundation
Douglas L. and Beth R. Golden
Joshua M. and Lisa Golomb
Ricardo J. and Leslie J. Gonzalez-Rothi
Elaine R. and Ronald G. Good
Meredith A. Goodwin
Bettie J. Grant
Gray Robinson Attorneys at Law
Dominick J. Graziano
Stefani M. Green-Issa
Glenn J. and Cynthia Greenspan
Gulf Power Co.
Gulf Power Foundation Inc.
Gulfcoast South AHEC Inc.
Akash Gunjan and Hye-Ryun J. Paik
William Gunn Medical Society
Mary M. Gutierrez
Fares S. Hakim
Steven L. and Michelle Halbreich
Halifax Pathology Associates P.A.
John D. Hand
Hanley & Belfus Inc.
Harbor Community Bank
Susan M. Harding
Harmony Medicine PLC
William T. and Kitty Harrison
Michael D. and Catherine A. Hartley
Ruth R. and Ronald Hartung
Hadley H. and Sallie L. Hasemeier
Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida
Heartland Pediatrics Associates of Wauchula P.A.
Rudolf J. and Susan J. Hehn
Gary Heller D.O., LLC
Tracey E. Hellgren
Sarah Granger Henning LLC
Matthew J. Henry
Nariman Heshmati and Kathryne E. Hughes
Calvin C. and Sharon Y. Higgins
Michael A. and Alesia F. Hill
Marian M. and Edward W. Hinson
Wilson Hinson
Alex and Sarah Ho
Patrick W. Hogan
HOK Group Inc.
Holmes County High School
Home Builders Weekly Inc.
Hopping Green & Sams P.A.
Robert D. Horner
Hunt Optics & Imaging Inc.
Mark E. and Holly Ignatz
Immokalee Foundation Inc.
Indian River Community College
Dale C. Ingram
Integra Shores LLC
Jackson County Hospital
Jackson Properties and Financial Services LLC
Madele H. Jaeger*
Cara L. and Kevin E. Jakob
Joshua T. and Rachel B. James
Humayun A. and Mary Jamidar
Allen N. and Mary L.* Jelks
The Jelks Family Foundation Inc.
Thomas W. and Dawn C. Jennings
Harold L. Johnson and Krista A. Toomre
James F. Johnson and Elizabeth F. Foster
John T. and Karen O. Johnson
David A. and Dorothy A. Jones
Roland P. and Lynn S. Jones
Jungwha A. and David L. Jolkovsky
Jean Josey
Jeffrey N. Joyce
Norbert J. Kaminski
Caryl B. and Abram R. Kaplan
Yoichi and Akiko Kato
KCAM Ventures LLC
Brooks A. Keel and Tammie K. Schalue
Katherine M. Keeley
Thomas F. and Jacqueline F. Kelly
Alastair C. and Marion Kennedy
Kathleen M. Kennedy M.D., P.A.
Azima T. Khan
John E. Kieffer
John E. Kieffer M.D., P.A.
Dennis G. King
Stella King-Turner
Nancy M. and William Kinnally
David M. Klein and Mildred P.* Callahan
Knights of Columbus
George M. Kole and Judith A. Zuckerberg
Stanley J. Kurek
Floyd H. and Gayle S. Kushner
Mark E. and Teresa M. LaRose
An L. Lawrence
James Lawrence
Mary A. Layfield
Choogon Lee and Kyunghye Kim
Carl W. Lentz III M.D. Plastic Surgery
Cathy W. and David B. Levenson
Limbs & Things Inc.
Jacqueline J. and Francis* Lloyd
D.R. and Laurie Locke
Charles J. and B.L. Loewe
Steven A. Lofton*
Joda G. and Rachel E. Lynn
M.E. Construction Inc.
Sandra K. MacLeod
Pamela J. MacManus
The James Madison Preparatory High School
Michael D. Maddox
Madison Social Tallahassee LLC
Cynthia B. Magrini
Magrini Living Trust
Richard T. Magrini
Barbara P. and John P. Mahoney
Deni Malave-Huertas and Gina Medina-Candelaria
Apurba Manik
Carol A. Mannix
Manor Auctions LLC
Laura S. Martin and Roderick F. Hume
Martin County Medical Society Inc.
Maria I. and Ignacio R. Martinez
Matheson & Horowitz P.A.
Michael B. McBride and Arlene Bobrow McBride
The Robert F. & Eleonora W. McCabe Foundation
Barry M. and Pamela R. McCook
Terence P. and Antoinette M. McCoy
Stephen P. McDonald
William T. and Laura L. McGarry
Timothy D. McIver
Ellen and George T. McKnight
McLeod Health
Cher McMonigle
Heidi M. McNaney-Flint M.D., P.A.
Mary W. McNeill
Pamela Gore Meade and Robert C. Meade
MedCure Inc.
Hector A. Mejia and Kristin A. Harmon
John T. and Elisabeth T. Melvin
Memorial Hospital-Flagler Inc.
David E. Mercer
Gwendolyn M. Mercer
Merrill Lynch & Company Foundation Inc.
Susan A. Michael
Susan R. Mihm
Michael R. Mikita
The Mikita Foundation
Robert A. Miles
Javier and Hilary Miller
Joseph D. and Sylvia A. Mitchell
MK Merkel Land Development LLC
William H. Moncrief*
Moon Management Inc.
Mote Scientific Foundation
Sarah B. and Brian C. Mulkey
Munilla Family Foundation
Wayne T. and Kathleen M. Munson
Bijli J. Myers
Karen E. Myers
Deepak G. Nair
Deepak Nair, M.D., P.A.
Carmen I. Nelson
Network for Good
Rebecca G. and Christopher J. Nicholas
Jay and Rae L. Nilson
Ellis R. and Ellen E. Nobles
Patricia L. and Ellis R. Nobles
North Okaloosa Medical Center
Rex L. and Sally V. Northup
Northwest Florida Surgery Center
Northwood Associates LLC
Leonard E. and Tracey A. Noud
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.
Donna M. O’Neal
Jack I.H. Obeid
James M. Olcese
Nancy Oliver
One Eighty Consulting Inc.
Orange County Medical Foundation Inc.
Ormond Beach Memorial Hospital Doctors Fund
Janice M. and Charles C. Ouimet
William M. Outlaw
James M. and Rebecca A. Overton
Paisley Cafe LLC
David N. and Christie Palmer
Panhandle Area Educational Consortium
Celeste M. Paquette
Luther L. and Julie P. Pararo
Sachin S. and Christine M. Parikh
Kwan S. Park
Mark S. Pascale
Nayaben Patel
Vikalp D. Patel
Graham A. and Doris H. Patrick
Carolyn L. and Thomas L. Patterson
Durell Peaden Campaign
Marcia O. Pearce
William R. Pena
Donald J. Perry and Dana Broussard-Perry
Peterson Bernard Attorneys At Law
Brooks H. and Almena H. Pettit
William B. and Bonnie F. Pfost
James W. Phelan
PIMS Alumni
PNC Bank
Poly-Flex Corp.
Cynthia A. and Robert A. Porter
Philip Posner
Preventive Cardiology & Internal Medicine Associates
Jerald S. Price
Prime Meridian Bank
Procter & Gamble Co.
Progressive Pediatric Development Center
Donna J. and Henry F. Pruett
Public Health Foundation
Pulmonary & Sleep Clinic P.A.
Stephen M. and Sheila E. Quintero
Ingrid D. Rachesky
Radiology Associates of Tampa P.A.
Maurice A. Ramirez
S. Patricia Ramsey
Veeramanen U. Rao
Veeramaneni S. Rao
The Ethel and Harry Reckson Foundation Inc.
Richard E. Redding
Robert H. and Jane Y. Reeves
Ali M. Rezaie
Aref and Rasha Rifai
Louise H. Rill
Charles A. and Sarah M. Ritchie
Riverside National Bank
Bruce E. Robinson LLC
Sandra Robinson
Elinor A. Rodriguez
Jose E. and Moraima A. Rodriguez
Ralph M. and Catherine R. Rosato
The Rosato Plastic Surgery Center Inc.
Sherideth K. and James R. Rubinsak
Debra H. Rumberger
Franklin R. Rush
James H. and Patricia A.* Ryan
Sacred Heart Health System
Kenneth W. Sain
Jacob A. Samander
Robert B. and Lynn H. Sanchez
Santa Rosa Medical Center
Sarasota County Medical Society
Sarasota Emergency Associates P.A.
Sarasota Film Festival
Sarasota Home Health Care Agency LLC
Sarasota Medical Foundation Inc.
Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation Inc.
Anthony G. and Susan S. Sarna
Drayton A. and Kara L. Saunders
Michael Saunders & Co.
Joseph F. Savona, M.D., P.A.
SC&D West Tennessee LLC
Henry Schein Cares Foundation
Katharina & Joseph Schober Foundation
Schofield, Hand and Bright Orthopedics PLLC
Tudor M. and Cristiana Scridon
Julie L. Sellers
Seminole Club of Greater Orlando
Seminole Club of Volusia & Flagler Counties Inc.
Sequoia Financial Advisors LLC
Seven Rivers Regional Medical Center
Cheryl A. and Jack B. Sewell
SGA Class of 2012
SGA Class of 2013 Inc.
Edward J. and Sandra Shahady
Daniel Shalit
Mark E. and Michele L. Shamis
Shands HealthCare
Benjamin F. and Barbara S. Shearer
Kevin M. Sherin
Sarah and Terry W. Sherraden
William F. Sigmund
Six L S Packing Company Inc.
Sleep Medicine Specialists PLLC
Amber R. Smalley
Brenda K. and Vernon D. Smith
Brenda K. and Vernon D. Smith Family Foundation Inc.
Margaret G. Smith*
Scott Snedeker
Jeremy R. Sobon
Sogeti U.S.A. LLC
Joseph C. and Caulley F. Soto
South Georgia Emergency Consultants
Heather and Anthony C. Speights
Peter C. Springer
St. Joe Land Co.
St. Vincent’s Medical Center
Craig F. and Ann F. Stark
Mark G. Stavros M.D., P.A.
David J. and Ilene U. Steele
John M. and Rita Steele
Susan J. Steen
Branko and Lela Stefanovic
John A. and Rhonda T. Stephenson
Boyd G. and Evelyne Steward
David T. and Gillian L. Stewart
Stewart’s Pharmacy
James W. Stockwell
Theodore J. Strom
Edwin L. Stroup
Niharika N. and Naresh J.* Suchak
Thomas C. and Irene M. Suits
John D. Sullivan
Amanda D. Sumner
Sunshine Car Care LLC
Sunshine Pediatric Care PL
SunTrust Bank
Thomas R. Suplee and Tessa L. Angelo
John P. and Linda H. Sweeney
Synovus Bank of Tampa Bay
Synovus Financial Corp.
Amal S. and Mutaz A. Tabbaa
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare Inc.
Tallahassee Neurological Clinic
Tallahassee Neurology Specialists P.L.
Tallahassee Outpatient Surgery Center
Tallahassee Parrothead Club
Tallahassee Primary Care Associates P.A.
Tallahassee Single Day Surgery
Adam P. and Heather Tarnosky
Christine P. Tatum
TECO Energy Foundation
Telagen LLC
John T. and Eileen Telford
Sarah R. Temple
Steven J. Thacker and Vicki R. McCarren
Thomas B. and Judith G. Thames
Gregory K. Todd and Don G. Lewis
Total Family Health Care Inc.
Treasure Coast Seminole Club Inc.
Quan Trinh
Eugene A. Trowers and Teresa Cardenas-Trowers
Donald L. Tucker Civic Center
Tulane University
Elizabeth S. and Steve E. Tuttle
U.S. Family Foundation Inc.
United Way of Citrus County
University of California-San Francisco
University Partners of Pensacola LLC
Upjohn Co.
Urology Specialists of Stuart
Carol J. Van Hartesveldt
Vascular and Surgery Associates
Eileen F. Venable
Venice Regional Medical Center-Medical Staff
Brent D. and Louise P. Videau
Mark R. Wallace and Jan C. Garavaglia
Yanchang Wang and Huajun Qin
Robert T. and Carolyn C. Watson
Julia G. and Steven E. Weeks
Kenneth R. Weinberg
Martin and Ruby Weinberg
Renee Weinberg
Wells Fargo
West Volusia Pediatrics P.A.
Westminster Oaks
George R. and Margaret L. Whiddon
Whole Foods Market
William B. and Colleen M. Wiley
Christopher A. and Katrina A. Wilhoit
Megan M. Wilkins
Brett T. and Susan D. Williams
Howard A. Williams*
Ted Williams Museum and Hitters Hall of Fame Inc.
Williams Parker
Winter Park Health Foundation
Thomas P. Wood*
Donnie M. and Sharon S. Woodall
Woodlands Medical Specialists P.A.
Kyu-Woong Lee and Nancy Wang-Lee
Mark A. and Andrea Yap
Stephen L. Yavelow and Mary A. Gusaky-Yavelow
Youthful Aging Home Health Inc.
Xian-Min Yu and Sheuuangxiu Lin
Mohammad Yunus
James C. and Chanda B. Zedaker
Amy S. and William J. Zingarelli
Richard L. and Katherine A. Zorn
Kyle N. Zuchowski