Giving to the Autism Institute

fsu_autism_institute_givingHow is Funding Obtained?
The FSU Autism Institute is funded completely through grants, contracts, and private donations. We strive to increase our funds each year through private and corporate donations, annual fundraising, and endowments. Private donations can be made to the FSU Autism Institute through the Florida State University Foundation, a non-profit corporation to enhance the academic vision and priorities of the university.

Making an Impact...
Each year, gift contributions from individuals and organizations help to fuel the FSU Autism Institute’s mission by allowing us to expand our research, services, education, web-based tools, and more.

Funding Vision and Needs
Endowed Chairs for senior researchers
Endowment for major research programs

  • Expand the work of the FIRST WORDS Project to improve early detection of autism
  • Expand the work of the Early Social Interaction Project to improve early intervention for toddlers with autism
  • Support new content and dissemination areas for the Autism NavigatorTM web-based tool

Discovery Grants to fund new novel research

Scholarships to support post-doctoral fellows, pre-doctoral students, and undergraduate students

Funds to support educators, healthcare providers, childcare providers, employers, families, and others touched by autism to support community participation and implementation

Naming Opportunities for ongoing operational support

  • Clinical Facility- Assessment Rooms, Family Interview Room, Intervention Rooms, Library, Visual Support Center
  • Media Lab
  • Teleconference Rooms

How You Can Help?
Anyone can make a tax-deductible donation to the FSU Autism Institute.

  1. Individual donations
  2. Memorial Gifts
  3. In Honor of... a Teacher...a Healthcare Provider
  4. Annual Gifts
  5. Endowed Gifts
  6. Planned Gifts

Give online

or please make check or money order payable to:
FSU Autism Institute
2312 Killearn Center Blvd, Bldg, A
Tallahassee, FL 32309
Attention: Donation/Autism Institute
800.769.7926 or 850.644.4367