Class of 2019

Updates in 2021

Steven Acton Pifer, M.D., is currently the lead for residency recruitment and LGBTQI+ community medicine team at Swedish Family Medicine-First Hill in Seattle.  Posted 2.02.21.

Marckenley Isaac, M.D., is now an anesthesiology resident at Mount Sinai at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital. Posted 4.6.20.

Stefano Leitner, M.D. is an occupational and environmental medicine resident at the University of California San Francisco.  Posted 8.31.21.

Meghan N. Lewis, M.D., and husband, McKinley Lewis welcomed a baby girl, Emma James Lewis, in July 2020. Posted 2.02.21.

Sarah Schaet, M.D., married Payton Parker on March 14 in Jacksonville.  Posted 2.02.21.

Kelley Stem, PA, and husband Michael Stem recently welcomed their first child, a girl named Avery Lynn Stem.  Posted 2.02.21.

Ellie Swengros, PA, married Alex Dry in Lakeland, Florida, on Aug. 22 after initially postponing their wedding due to the pandemic.  Posted 2.02.21.

Tamer Tadros, PA, and his wife Viola welcomed a baby girl, Darla Tadros, on May 20.  Posted 2.02.21.