Class of 2017

Updates in 2020

Jason Lesnick, M.D., was names chief resident of the McGovern Medical School at UTHealth Emergency Medicine Residency. Posted 4.6.20.

Dejon Maloney, M.D., delivered the keynote speech during Honors and Awards Day 2018 at Florida Memorial University. Posted 4.6.20.

Shanique Wilson, M.D., will be moving to New York City for a gastroenterology fellowship at Mount Sinai Beth Israel. Posted 4.6.20.


Updates in 2019

Mayuri Joshi, M.D., is the new chief resident for her internal medicine residency program at Orlando Health. Posted 8.7.19.

Edson Mwakyanjala, M.D., has been named chief resident for internal medicine at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville for the 2020-2021 academic year. Posted 8.7.19.


Updates in 2018

Allison Ellis, M.D., recently married alumnus Alex Davis, M.D., Class of 2017. Posted 8.7.18.


Updates in 2017

Matt Grove, M.D., in the diagnostic radiology residency program at Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education in Jacksonville, and his wife are expecting a baby. Posted 10.1.17.

Miranda Mack, M.D., is the SSTRIDE program coordinator for Gadsden County. Posted 10.1.17.