NovaSeq Data Access/Analysis

Information for Illumina NovaSeq 6000 sequencing data:

RCC Account:

In order to access the sequencing data, generate an account (guest account if outside FSU) with the FSU Research Computing Center (RCC).


If sequencing samples are pooled and demultiplexing is needed, the user should provide an index sheet to TSL (;  The index sheet should be generated using the Illumina Experiment Manager software for demultiplexing compatibility.

Data Access:
First, login to FSU RCC:
Then, get to a spear node to manipulate your data:
ssh YOUR_RCC_ID@spear-X (X = 1,2,... 8) into general spear nodes (more powerful)
ssh YOUR_RCC_ID@spear-Y (Y = 17, 18, 19, 20, or 22) into medicine spear nodes
Data Transfer:

FSU RCC preferred approach for data transfer is via Globus.

Please use the following information on the Globus transfer page:
             Endpoint: fsurcc#gpfs
             Path to data: THE_PATH_RELEASED_VIA_EMAIL

Analysis Software:

The following software packages and others are available for data analysis at the RCC: FastQC, Samtools, Biopython, Abyss, Bowtie/Bowtie2, BWA, Star aligner, Tophat, Cufflinks, R packages, HTSeq, Trimmomatic. The software packages are available at general access and medicine spear nodes.