Additional Resources

 The Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine (CGPM) at Florida State University:

Enables research programs by providing consulting, data analysis support, and training for research projects.

Department of Biological Science Molecular Cloning Facility at Florida State University: 

Provides next-generation sequencing library services and qPCR-based library quantification prior to Illumina NovaSeq 6000 Sequencing.

The Research Computing Center at Florida State University: 

The FSU Research Computing Center provides the research community with computational resources to enable scientific research. The HPC cluster provides over 264 TFLOPS of compute to researchers at FSU. They also provide an Interactive cluster (spear), and a large managed software library.

Human Subjects Research at the College of Medicine: 

Advances medical discoveries and knowledge through systematic, scientific research that adheres to federal regulations and internationally accepted standards for ethical conduct in the treatment of human subjects. The Research Advisory Committee within the College of Medicine must approve IRB applications before submitting to the FSU Human Subjects Office.

Human Subjects Research at Florida State University:  

Protects the welfare of human subjects participants by compliance with the federal regulations governing the protection of human subjects, and facilitating the research efforts of FSU faculty, students and staff.