People who think they're in charge

 Robert J. Tomko Jr.
  Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences
  Office:  Medical Research Building, Suite 2300-C
  Phone:  850-645-1482


Senior Scientists 

  Antonia A. Nemec
  Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences 
  Office:  Medical Research Building, Suite 2300-J
  Phone:  850-644-0498



Graduate Students


  Daniel Betancourt
  Graduate Student, Biomedical Sciences




Alana  Alana Chang
  Graduate Student, Biomedical Sciences




Tomiwa  Tomiwa Lawal
  Graduate Student, Biomedical Sciences




 Photo of Jenny Warnock Jenny Warnock
  Graduate Student, Biomedical Sciences





Undergraduate and High School Researchers

26S proteasome conveyor  Nehry Celoge
  DIS Student







 CP  Kaylyn Meyers
   UROP Student






Lab Alumni

Former Graduate Students

  Lauren A. Howell, Ph.D.
  Biomedical Sciences Graduate Student (2013-2019)
  After Tomko Lab:  Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Writer, Burdock Group 



   Randi G. Reed, Ph.D.
   Biomedical Sciences Graduate Student (2016-2022)
   After Tomko Lab:  Curation Scientist, Caris Life Sciences




Former Technicians

   Anna Peterson
  Laboratory Researcher (2015 - 2017)
  After Tomko Lab:  UCONN Health Sciences Center Ph.D. Program




Former Undergraduate Researchers

Nicholas Pazos
DIS Student (2020-2022)
After Tomko Lab:  Biochemistry Ph.D. student,

Sandhya Kumar
High School  Researcher (2021-2022)
After Tomko Lab:  Bachelors Studies, Harvard University

David DeCoeur
DIS Student (2020-2022)
After Tomko Lab:  Molecular and Cellular Biology Ph.D. student, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Matthew Utset
UROP Student (2018-2022)
After Tomko Lab:  Gap year before medical school

Gabriel Jobin
DIS Student (2018-2022)
After Tomko Lab:  Gap year before medical school

Jessica Jarnagin
UROP and Honors Thesis Student (2017-2021)
After Tomko Lab:  MD/PhD program, University of Texas, San Antonio

Tessa Lochetto
UROP and DIS Student (2018-2020)
After Tomko Lab:  Washington University in St. Louis Molecular Cell Biology Ph.D. Program

Matthew Murray
UROP and Honors Thesis Student (2016 - 2018)
After Tomko Lab:  Yale Pharmacology Ph.D. Program

Marya Ali
UROP Student (2017)
After Tomko Lab:  Post-baccalaureate studies before med school 

Chris Howe
DIS Student (2015 - 2016)
After Tomko Lab:  Chemist, AmbioPharm

Joseph Pelt
UROP Student (2016)
After Tomko Lab:  Frost Scholar (M.Sc., Neuroscience), University of Oxford

Cami Young
High School Researcher (2015)
After Tomko Lab:  B.Sc. (Hons), Molecular Biology, University of St. Andrews, Scotland, UK



  We are always looking for motivated people
  to join our group!  If you're interested,  
  Email Robb to discuss joining the lab.