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Scheduling an Appointment

Updates to Services due to COVID-19 (coronavirus)

The Office of Student Counseling Services prioritizes the health and safety of all FSU students, faculty, staff, and our families.  Our office is currently not holding any in-person appointments, due to the recent COVID-19 (coronavirus) guidelines mandated by the university, Florida Governor, and CDC.  Our office’s psychologists and staff will be working remotely until further notice.  We are now offering telepsychology appointments via the secure, confidential Zoom HIPAA. If you would like to schedule a telepsychology appointment with Drs. Porter, Taylor, or Drury, please email us at psychappt@med.fsu.edu.  

If you are in crisis, please contact the Counseling & Psychological Services at Florida State University or call 850-644-TALK (8255) for Telephonic Crisis Support.  For additional local and national resources, and information on general coping skills, please visit our Resources website.

Please note that this situation is fluid and our office policy may change based upon announcements made by the university or CDC guidelines.  

Stay healthy and well!

The FSU CoM Office of Student Counseling Services


Students on Main Campus

(M1, M2, Bridge, PA1, PA2, Biomedical Science)

The Office of Student Counseling Services has an email dedicated specifically for requesting and scheduling appointments.  The best way to schedule an appointment with Drs. Porter, Taylor, or Drury is by requesting an appointment via email.  

Email:  psychappt@med.fsu.edu

Phone:  850-645-6475


Introductory Appointments for New Students

(M1, Bridge, PA, Biomedical Science)

Incoming students are required to attend a 15-minute introductory appointment with our office, in order for you to best become acquainted with us.  These appointments are only held during the first semester of your program.  At this brief appointment, you have a chance to meet your psychologist, briefly learn the purpose and policies of our office, and confidentially ask any questions. Please schedule your 15-minute introductory appointment via MedNethttps://intranet.med.fsu.edu/sites/StudentAffairs/counseling/Pages/TS.aspx 


Students at Regional Campus

(M3, M4, PA3, and Residents)

Telepsychology is provided by Dr. Kristen Schmidt, a licensed psychologist based in Tallahassee.  It is offered to all students at any of our regional campuses and available after hours for convenience. Services are provided through a completely secure network managed by the FSU CoM IT department; MedNet will be utilized for secure exchange of documentation.  For additional information about telepsychology, and to complete intake paperwork which must be submitted before meeting with Dr. Schmidt, please visit the MedNet page.  Telepsychology Services


Please contact Dr. Schmidt directly to make an appointment: kristen.schmidt@med.fsu.edu 


Psychiatry Services

All CoM students can be referred for psychiatry services with Dr. Fasil Munasifi, a local psychiatrist in private practice; Dr. Munasifi does not have an evaluative role with the FSU CoM.  Psychiatry appointments are free of charge to all CoM students.  Appointments with Dr. Munasifi can only be made through this office; Please contact our office for a referral.  Students on main campus can be seen in person at the local Tallahassee office (contact our office for an appointment to discuss referral), while students on regional campuses are offered telepsychiatry appointments (contact Dr. Schmidt for an appointment to discuss referral).