Participating on non-COM Sponsored Projects

COM investigators that are asked to collaborate on a project where the Principal Investigator is on campus but appointed through another department, college, institute or center, still must seek COM approval before 
formally committing time or resources on a contract, grant or sub-recipient agreement.  

When you foresee collaborating on a project that originates outside of the College of Medicine, please contact us immediately by sendng an email to An analyst will be assigned to assist you with securing COM approvals. 

Some Points to Consider

  • Is the reporting credit equitable?
  • Is the proper COM department ID included?
  • Are COM salaries, percent efforts, and fringe calculated properly?
  • Are the corresponding Appointment Types and employee ID # correct?
  • Are COM personnel properly identified in the Personnel Justification?
  • Are there direct expenses involved other than personnel costs?
  • For federal projects, has the Financial Conflict of Interest disclosure occurred?
  • Is COM listed on the PTF to receive appropriate post award notifications?