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Thirteen IMS students inducted into Garnet & Gold Scholar Society

Apr 23, 2021

Thirteen interdisciplinary medical sciences undergraduates were among 236 Florida State University students inducted into the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society during a virtual ceremony on Thursday, April 22.

The Garnet & Gold Scholar Society, established in 2010, facilitates student involvement and recognizes undergraduates who excel within and beyond the classroom in at least three of five areas: international experience, internship, leadership, research and service.
“We are proud to welcome this new group of inductees to the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society,” said Amy Hecht, vice president for Student Affairs. “They are a wonderful representation of the university, and we are pleased to give them recognition for their involvement bettering the campus and community.”
Induction requires students to meet the engagement criteria and submit a synthesis reflection project in their final semester before graduation. Participants are recognized during graduation and receive a designation on their official university transcript, both of which make the students more marketable to potential employers or graduate programs.
“As Garnet & Gold Scholars, your achievement speaks to your desire to make the most of your Florida State education and reflects well on the values of this university,” said President John Thrasher. “You have set a shining example for your fellow students and for all those who will follow in your footsteps. I am so proud of you.”
Listed alphabetically by state and hometown, and including their majors, the 13 IMS program inductees are:

West Haven
Monica Ghaly, Clinical Professions  


Richard Schonour, Clinical Professions  

Sean Gabany, Clinical Professions  
Marya Ali, Clinical Professions  
Mary Sweitzer, Clinical Professions

Peyton Crutchfield, Clinical Professions  

Pompano Beach
Brandell Theard, Clinical Professions

Saint Petersburg
Jenella Arscott, Clinical Professions  
Laura Pemble, Health Management, Policy, & Information

Megan Stewart, Clinical Professions  

Marjorie Fitzsimmons, Clinical Professions
Hannah Keller, Clinical Professions  

Winter Haven
Morgan Neal, Clinical Professions