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Helen Livingston is retiring ... again

Jun 03, 2019

By Dean John P. Fogarty

(This message was initially distributed as an email within the College of Medicine.)

It is with pleasure, and a bit of sadness, that I announce Dr. Helen Livingston’s intention to retire from her role as founding Associate Dean of the Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences Division at the College of Medicine effective 28 June, 2019.  As you likely know, this will be her second retirement from the College of Medicine. She apparently means it this time!!

Helen has spent more than 50 years in education.  Her early career work included such titles as K-12 teacher, school counselor, and high school principal.  She moved to higher education in 1991 as director of undergraduate admissions at Troy University after earning her Ed.D.  Helen joined FSU in 1996 and served as director of admissions for PIMS until the founding of the College of Medicine in 2000. During 2000-2001 academic year, she ensured the successful transition of the last PIMS class to the University of Florida and oversaw the admission of the first College of Medicine class and the establishment and admission of the first Bridge class. She served as Assistant Dean for Admissions and Outreach in the Student Affairs Division and was instrumental in the work that led to initial accreditation by the LCME.  She retired the first time after the first class graduated in 2005.

In 2009, FSU granted permission for the Bridge Program to become a master’s program and Dr. Hurt asked Helen to return to oversee the transition from a post baccalaureate program to a one-year master’s program. Through her oversight, the program developed and provided a pathway to medical school for more students. Most recently, Helen created the educational framework for Dr. Hurt’s latest innovation in education, the Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences (IMS) bachelor’s degree program.  The program has been very popular with FSU undergraduates and boasts over 600 students in the major, with 37 graduates of the program in the 3 years since its inception.  The IMS program seems poised to become another very positive contribution to her legacy at the college.  Please join us in celebrating Helen as she transitions to what she assured me will be her last retirement.

As Dr. Livingston transitions, it will necessitate changes to the administrative structure of the IMS Division which includes the IMS Bachelor’s Degree, Outreach and Advising, and the Bridge Program.  Dr. Anthony Speights has agreed to become the new head of the IMS Division and will serve as Associate Dean beginning 1 July, 2019.  Dr. Speights began his tenure at the COM in 2014 as Director of Rural Medical Education. Most recently, he has served as Assistant Dean of IMS, Director of the Bridge Program, and co-Director of the Honors Medical Scholars Program.  He will retain his roles with Bridge and HMS.  He will also continue to provide clinical services at the Care Point Health and Wellness in southeast Tallahassee. 

As Dr. Speights changes positions, I have also asked Dr. Liz Foster to assume the position of Assistant Dean of IMS.  Dr. Foster has been a fixture in the COM since 2003, working with SSTRIDE, Student Affairs and Advising and Outreach.  She is best known perhaps for all the work she has done with student research opportunities, the Honors Medical Scholars, Bridge, and most recently IMS undergrad and pre-health advising.  Since the inception of IMS, Liz has worked tirelessly to support, strengthen, and elevate the program to the next level.  I have every confidence that the new leadership team along with the wonderful IMS staff will continue the tradition that Drs. Myra Hurt and Helen Livingston have set.

Please join me in congratulating Helen, Anthony, and Liz on their transitions and their many contributions to the COM.  

Sincerely,   J.

John P. Fogarty, MD