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Graduating members of the M.D. Class of 2022 recognized at Presentation of Awards

May 20, 2022

For the first time since 2019, our future physicians were recognized in person at the M.D. Class of 2022 Presentation of Awards at the College of Medicine’s Durell Peaden Auditorium on the eve of graduation. 

Individual and class performance are highlighted in the tradition of year-end awards for the graduating M.D. class, which had not been held in person since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic in 2020.

A total of 44 students finished with at least one honor inscribed beside their names in the Class of 2022 archives. Those honors include College of Medicine awards, specialty awards, regional campus awards and previously announced honor society inductions for Gold Humanism and Alpha Omega Alpha.

You can view the entire Presentation of Award here.

The M.D. Class of 2022 graduation ceremony is set for Saturday, May 21 at the Ruby Diamond Auditorium.

Below is the list of Class of 2022 honorees. 

•    J. Ocie Harris Outstanding Student Award (named for the dean whose leadership allowed this young medical school to mature, and presented to one or more students who display characteristics such as academic achievement, leadership, dedication, social consciousness, high ethical and moral standards and more): Shalom Chege
•    Myra M. Hurt Leadership in Medicine Award (named for the person who had the most direct impact on developing this medical school’s mission and vision): Sténia Accilien
•    Individual Achievement Award (presented only during those years in which a student demonstrates a truly extraordinary ability to overcome challenges): Cody Canavan
•    Mission Award (presented to a student who embodies the college’s mission of responding to community needs, especially through service to elder, rural, minority and underserved populations): Leah Genn
•    Nobles/Brown Altruism in Medicine Award (named for Dr. Stephen Nobles, an unselfish physician whose life was cut short less than two years after he graduated from the College of Medicine, and Dr. Robert Brown, a Program in Medical Sciences graduate, who served his community and patients with great compassion before dying at age 55): Vinita Akula and Lydia Tortorici
•    Student Research Award (recognizing a sustained interest and a record of experience and achievement in research through medical school): Cassie Schuster
•    Access to Care Award, in Honor of Robin McDougall (sponsored by the Capital Medical Society Foundation to honor the person who dedicated countless hours toward making the volunteer-physician We Care Network a success): Maria Badino
•    Linda Stine Interprofessional Leadership Award (sponsored by former faculty member Curt Stine in honor of his late wife, a compassionate and patient-centered health professional): Blaire Coté
•    ACEP Medical Student Professionalism and Service Award (sponsored by the American College of Emergency Physicians and presented to a student who intends to pursue a career in emergency medicine and has demonstrated outstanding patient care and community involvement): Brian Patrick Thedy
•    SAEM Excellence in Emergency Medicine Award (sponsored by the Society of Academic Emergency Medicine and presented to a student chosen for excellence in the specialty of emergency medicine): Nicholas Kingsley Torgesen
•    Outstanding Graduate in Family Medicine (presented on behalf of the College of Medicine’s Department of Family Medicine and Rural Health, as well as the Florida Academy of Family Physicians): Ashley Absolu and Shalom Chege
•    Florida Geriatrics Society Award for Outstanding Student (the Florida Geriatrics Society chooses an outstanding student in geriatrics at each of Florida’s medical schools): Tyler Mistretta and Blaire Coté
•    Internal Medicine Award (presented on behalf of the College of Medicine’s Clinical Sciences Department and the Florida Chapter of the American College of Physicians): Shefali Patel
•    American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists District XII Outstanding Medical Student Achievement Award (presented to graduates entering an OB-GYN residency who best represent the core values of ACOG): Casey Gentile (excellence in advocacy and service) and Alexis Spangler (academic excellence)
•    Merritt Ryals Clements, M.D., Award for Excellence in Obstetrics and Gynecology (presented by North Florida Women’s Care to a student who exemplifies Dr. Clements’ tireless dedication, passion for best practices and joyful care of women throughout their lives): Adrianna Tilton
•    Frank C. Walker Jr., M.D., Excellence in Pediatrics Award: Julie Davila
•    Florida Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics Luther W. Holloway Award: Julie Davila
•    Julie Revell St. Petery, M.D., Scholarship in Pediatrics (awarded by the Capital Medical Society Foundation): Blaire Coté
•    AACAP Psychiatry Award (presented by the North Central Florida Council of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry): Maya Zlitni
•    Stephen M. Nobles, M.D., Pathogenesis Award: Wyatt Lawrence Bernardo
•    Edward L. Bradley, M.D., Excellence in General Surgery Award (named for a pioneering surgeon who was a member of the College of Medicine faculty): Dominique Catena
•    Robert D. Snyder, M.D., Award for Outstanding Student in General Surgery with a Focus on Breast Cancer (presented as a lasting tribute to Dr. Snyder’s compassionate care, funded through a generous gift from one of his grateful patients: Nicole Thatcher
•    Ben J. Kirbo, M.D., Outstanding Student in Breast Cancer Reconstructive Surgery Award (awarded to a student who has demonstrated a patient-centered approach to the treatment and recovery of patients with breast cancer, with attention to their post-surgical needs): Lauren Sofia Angnardo
•    American Medical Women’s Association Glasgow-Rubin Achievement Citation (presented to the women in the top 10% of the graduating class): 
o    Alli Blumstein
o    Dominique Catena
o    Julie Davila
o    Amanda Getz
o    Shefali Patel
o    Alexis Spangler
•    American Medical Women’s Association Outstanding Graduate (presented to a student who has gone above and beyond to pursue AMWA’s goal of advancing women in medicine, advocating for equity and ensuring excellence in health care): Casey Gentile

(Presented to the outstanding student on each of the six regional campuses):
•    Daytona Beach: Brian Thedy
•    Fort Pierce: Sténia Accilien
•    Orlando: Cody Canavan
•    Pensacola: Harrison Diaz
•    Sarasota: Nathan Seepaulsing
•    Tallahassee: Nicholas Torgesen

Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society inductees (Alpha Omega Alpha is the only national honor medical society): 
•    Sténia Accilien
•    Lauren Angnardo
•    Maria Badino
•    Garrett Barr
•    Alli Blumstein
•    Dominique Catena
•    Shalom Chege
•    Blaire Amelia Coté
•    Harrison Diaz
•    Desirae Ehley
•    Akram Farran
•    Leah Genn
•    William Glover
•    Ryan Krumins
•    Derek Miller
•    Nicholas Ott
•    Anmol Patel
•    Shefali Patel
•    Joseph Rudy
•    Daniel Schaefer
•    Matheus Schneider
•    Cassandra Schuster
•    Nathan Seepaulsing
•    Alexis Spangler
•    Nick Torgesen

Gold Humanism Honor Society inductees (Gold Humanism inductees are selected based on “excellence in clinical care, leadership, compassion, and dedication to service”): 
•    Sténia Accilien
•    Vinita Akula
•    Maria Badino
•    Dominque Catena
•    Shalom Chege
•    Blaire Coté
•    Mitchell Darnell
•    Julie Davila
•    Harrison Diaz
•    Shanquell Dixon
•    Leah Genn
•    Je’Coy Hawley
•    Laken Johnson
•    Joey Leonard
•    Nicholas Ott
•    Christopher Pope
•    Brian Thedy

•    Tina Tso (Faculty and M.D. Class of 2011)