The following workshops are offered to constituents affiliated with the FSU College of Medicine including students, faculty, residents, and researchers. 2 hours of CME faculty development credit is available for these workshops.

Intro to Med Library

Introduction to the Maguire Medical Library

Overview of the FSU medical library, including how to access FSU library content and services. This valuable workshop for new faculty and those who need a refresher on how to use the medical library.

Intro to Medical Apps

Introduction to Mobile Medical Apps & Clinical Tools

Overview of clinical tools and mobile medical apps offered by the FSU medical library. Can be tailored to fit the needs of students, faculty, residents, and clinical researchers.


Introduction to DynaMedex and Isabel Pro

Leading evidence-based clinical resource with the latest updates on drugs and diseases, including patient education and an industry-leading A.I.-powered differential diagnostic tool.

Patient Education

Patient Education Resources

Hands-on workshop for assessing and using patient education materials. Ideal for healthcare professionals who serve patients from across the life course.


Searching and Access Full-Text Journal Articles

Hands-on workshop that aims to help participants build search queries and access full-text academic and scientific journal content available through the FSU medical library.

Medical Specialty

Medical Specialty Workshops

Unique workshop experiences that combine the collection and services offerings of the FSU medical library with the needs of medical specialties, including Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Geriatrics, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Surgery.