The following topics are being explored or developed for the future of Medical Informatics Education.


Artificial Intelligence and Medical Education

Exploration of how A.I. can enhance medical education and the use of evidence in clinical practice.

Healthy Literacy

Health Literacy

Exploration of how patients obtain, understand, and use health information and services to make informed and appropriate decisions about their health and well-being. Includes applicability to clinical practice and medical education.

Data Visualization

Health Numeracy & Data Visualization

Exploration of health data and visualization efforts to improve the comprehension of clinical information.

Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement in Healthcare

Primarily focused on work with medical students in clinical rotations with oversight by Informatics Curriculum Directors. QI projects seek to identify and address gaps or problems in the delivery and outcomes of health care services. Goals include the enhancement of patient satisfaction, experiences, and engagement, as well as reduced costs, redundancy, and errors in the delivery of healthcare.