Learn the answers to common "How-do-I?" questions.

Looking for the proper use of fonts or how to send high-resolution files? This is the place. The Creative Services team has developed infographics and videos to help you better understand the ins and outs of technology and design. 

flowchart iconHow to decide if you need Creative Services.

Find more about our services, and how we can help.


email styles iconHow to choose which style/type of email you need.

There are the following types of emails: text-based, image-based, and interactive-based.


add to email icon
How to add an image to your email. 

Follow these steps to add an image-based file to your emails.


add to email icon 2
How to add an interactive file to your email. 

Follow these steps to add an interactive-based file to your emails.


seals versus logos
How to tell the difference between a seal and a logo.

Find out when to use the university seal vs. College of Medicine logo.


image typesHow to know the difference between image types.

Know what the differences between file types are and when to use them.


image typesHow to choose between printing types.

Know what the difference is between in-house and professional printing.


image typesHow to decide on a newsletter format.

Learn more about what type of format and content to add to your department newsletter.


High resolutionHow to provide high resolution photos.

Learn more about the importance of high resolution photos



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