"Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Science..."

The Engines of Discovery Past (») & Present (»):

Postdoctoral Research Fellows:
    »  Stephen Beesley, Ph.D., Research Faculty-1
    »  Jyotsna Pilli, Ph.D.
                -Outstanding Achievement as a Postdoctoral Scholar awardee (2014)

Graduate Students:
    »  Matthew Crockett  (2019)
    »  Thomas Sullenberger, Ph.D. (defended 2022)
                -Neuroscience Fellowship Recipient (2015)
    »  Saad Abbasi, Ph.D. (defended 2015)
                -Randolph L. Rill Outstanding Junior Graduate Student (2013);
                - A Bryan Robinson Endowment awardee (2014);
                -1st place winner BMS Life Sciences Symposium poster competition (2015)

Undergraduate Students:
    »  Marissa Dunlop (Biology)
    »  Samip Patel (Pre-Med)
    »  Tobie Woolley (Biology)
    »  Riley Bane (Biology)
    »  Cameron D' Orio (Biology)
    »  Roshan Ailani (Biology)
    »  Brian Flynn (Biology)
    »  Kathryn Crotty (Food Nutrition & Exercise Sciences)
    »  Hershel Don (Computational Biology)
                -A Bess Ward Honors Thesis Awardee, FSU (2018)
    »  John C. Gray (Biomedical Engineering)
    »  Max Richardson (Honors in Biology)
                -A Bess Ward Honors Thesis Awardee, FSU (2014)
    »  Katelyn E. Chitwood (DIS student, Biology)
    »  Susan A. Chitwood (DIS student, Biology)

Medical Students:
    »  Tiffany Jacobson, MD
                -A Summer Research Fellowship awardee, College of Medicine, FSU (2013)

High School Volunteers:
     »  Tanvi Haldiya, Rickards High School (2018-2020). Now at Princeton University.
     »  Christopher Lee, Lawton Chiles High School (2021). Now at Johns Hopkins University.


Principal Investigator: Sanjay S. Kumar, MS, Ph.D.  [ Link to Profile ]           

The Kumar Lab Award Recipient (2021) 

TS Kumar Lab Award
      Thomas Sullenberger becomes the first recipient of the Kumar Laboratory Outstanding Graduate Student Award


 Myopia-induced (2019) 

Drs. Beesley and Kumar
 Drs. Beesley and Kumar


 The original denizens of the Kumar Lab (2007) 


From Left to Right: Dr. Kumar, Saad Abbasi (Biology), Susan Chitwood (Biology), Katelyn Chitwood (Biology))